Want a Lady Gaga Cake? Here’s how:

( Lady Gaga’s poker face in a cake. Personally Handcrafted by Maria from New York’s Sweet Addictions)

On my last trip to New York City, I met this lovely cake designer. She had a colorful array of cupcakes adorned with intricate designs. I was worried that the frosting would be repugnant to me since I am very ‘dessert picky’.

 I can’t even eat ice cream completely ( except Graeters Black Raspberry Chip, that’s the only brand of Ice cream I can even eat with a smile on my face).

Much to my surprise, I ate that cupcake completely and even asked Maria, the owner of New Yorks Sweet Addictions, for seconds, thirds and fourths.

Even my friend Dennis was asking Maria for more. Apparently, her secret for making addictive frosting is by adding a marshmellow base and by giving each customer courtesy and heart. 

( One of the Sleepy Sheep in cake-mode, hand-crafted by Maria from New York’s Sweet Addictions)

NY’s  Sweetest Addictions is a small, home-based company that is focused on creating scrumptious cakes and cupcakes for special occassions. 

 Everything Maria makes is from scratch and she is self-taught in several cake-culinary arts.

 The company is on a per order status, and will make anything ranging from Lady Gaga to the Sleepy Sheep. The company specializes in making high-end ( Like Ace of Cakes high-end) cakes for low-end prices.

If you have anymore questions or want to have your very own Lady Gaga cake, e-mail Maria at sweetaddictionsny@gmail.com .

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