Faso Foods:Fine chocolate tasting for cocktails,parties and home

As a young woman in her 20’s, i’ve perused several wine, cheese, and ethnic food tastings in the DMV area. After a couple of years, my taste buds matured into discerning between the process, seasonal changes and overal texture of certain gourmet foods.

Because of this experience, I was compelled to try Faso Food’s  Gourmet chocolate spread tasting held in Northern Bethesda. The spreads used came from Grashoff & Olly’s, a German  company that has long standing history of creating world class faire since 1872.

The company’s chocolate  schokoladencremes are mixed in small batches  and skillfully blended into the perfect consistency of dark, milk and white chocolate delicacies. The cream’s distinct flavors are: Sea Salt, Chili, Blood Orange and Coconut/Rum.

After trying six different Faso Food chocolate spreads, i’ve come to the following conclusions:

1.) Milk Chocolate Spread with Sicilian Blood Orange oil: I dabbed a smidge of this spread into warm croissant piece and was clearly surprised. I felt like I was biting into a young nectarine draped in smooth european chocolate, sans the overpowering afer taste. A little bit does go a long way. The texture was fine, never crumbled and had subtle aromas that hinted what I was suppose to expect.

2.)White Chocolate Spread Pure Bliss:  This tender blend had a harmonious texture that hinted at a sweet yet airy taste. I was overjoyed that this blend not only didn’t have taste numbing after taste but gave me a euphoric experience. Now I know what the clouds in the sky taste like. It tastes like this spread which is  a light, airy caress in my mouth.

3.)Milk Chocolate Spread With Ground Hazelnuts :The aroma emitted from this blend tantilized my nostrils into sheer ecstacy. It’s purely a fine chocolate spread that is heard to replicate, especially since it has a slight crunch that doesn’t deter from the chocolate tasting experience. This tasting was surreal since I have no idea how the spread’s creator’s got away with adding a fresh, nutty taste without the exaggeration. This is basically Nutella for adults with mature and sophisticated tastes, ofcourse.

4.)White Chocolate Spread With Roasted Macademia Nuts: On a personal note, this white chocolate spread is reminiscent of a type of luxe chocolate I used to nibble on as a young girl in the early 90’s. Though this spread was nostalgic for me , it still retained it’s refined nature through its slight macademia nut touch. If you are a huge fan of Macademia nuts, I highly recommend this spread.

5.) Milk Chocolate Spread With Natural Chili Oil: This is the spread that piqued everyone’s curiosity at the table. How does one blend enough chilli and chocolate to capture a well blended taste?  After trying this spread three times I came to the conclusion that they probably hired world-class scientists to achieve this task. It’s like a seductress in a bottle with  red zeal. This particular spread is catered for those who enjoy the spicey taste without dialing for 9-11 afterwards.  It has a snappy taste, like a burst of flavor ignition. Yet you can still taste the sweet tones of the chocolate hugging the chili flames.

6.) Dark Chocolate Spread Pure Bliss: This is the only spread that has a straight from the cocoa bean taste. I personally felt like I unearthed this particular product from an exotic location in West Africa. The essence tastes forbidden, woodsy without the traditional bitter after taste. A finishing touch to this blend were the subtle nutty notes that guide your taste buds along for a smooth ride.

Ofcourse, I cleansed my taste pallet in between tastes with fresh brewed coffee ( milk works well too) so I could fully experience each blend. If you want more information on these products or on holding your own  gourmet chocolate tastings, visit: http://www.fasofoods.com/


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