Faso Foods:Luxe food without the gourmet attitude

The D.C/ Maryland/ Virginia area is known for having high-end cuisine for novice and expert food lovers.  A majority of DMV-foodies think they know where to get the  best chocolate spreads, herbal teas, or organic nuts based on Zagat reviews or  know what is considerably “IN” with their own  culinary-taste crew.

  However, it’s generally the best kept secrets that are a quiet blip on the popularity radar.  One of the biggest well kept secrets that this blog has recently unearthed is headquartered  in the Rockville/ Northern Bethesda area– and it’s called Faso Foods.

Faso Foods is a burgeoning Maryland based food importer that sells exotic West African   raw ingredients  that is refinely processed by seasoned European culinary artists for selective tastes. Meaning, that it’s delectable for those who appreciate the art of fine dining versus for someone who can’t tell the difference between chocolate syrup and Nutella.

Ironically enough, the owners and distributors of this company lack the posh attitude that gives some gourmet distributors a bad rep. Faso Foods ( Faso means home in Malinke, a native language of part of Western Africa) is open into introducing their refined products for anyone interested in learning more about organic foods from developing regions such as West Africa.

The humanitarian base behind  this local company is that they help small African businesses export their fresh, organic products to American consumers. Generally in the U.S.A, most non-organic nuts, fruits and other essential dietary staples are grown in pesticide saturated farms.

If you Google the side effects of foods grown in pesticides, then you will truly know that it’s not the best thing to eat if you want to live passed 75. Fresh organic foods is the way to go and Faso Foods knows this, which is why they intermingled supporting growing businesses in Western African regions with giving consumers healthy and delicious finished products.

Faso Foods is also well known for their whole selling of Sita Brand Cashews and Macademia nuts nation-wide. Besides nuts, they also import culture through taste by distributing Moriba teas, fruit drinks; Nutfields chocolate coated  and dry roasted nuts; and Grashoff Chocolate spreads.

Faso’s gourmet African treats can be used for chocolate, tea and nut tastings for close social gatherings. For example, a great pairing with a wine or cheese tasting is having a Grashoff/ Olly brand chocolate spread tasting ( remember to use milk as a way to rinse your pallet) or have a tea tasting, after scarfing down a bag of biscotti’s with close girlfriends.

If you are interested more about the company or want to know how to hold your own luxe chocolate tasting at your home, please visit: http://www.fasofoods.com/ for more information.

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