Edo Tastic: Strikes a Pose with Flare and Pizazz

                                                      ( Photo taken by Greg Brown: www.GregBrownDesign.com)

Edo Tastic, acclaimed model, poet and artist’ is back.  No, he has not been in hiding but he has been trailing the field with multiple accomplishments, feats and poems.

Most recently, his novel approach to take on the fashion and entertainment industry with cool temerity has spell bounded the Entertainment and Fashion Night Out Company (EFNO), which actively  fosters the relationship between the Fashion and Entertainment industry.

This stepping stone in Edo Tastic’s career will propel him to influence  both industries to be fearless, in spite of the odds stacked against them from society; since Edo Tastic is pure, untainted, rawness that cannot be stopped. Besides getting listed into a new company, Edo Tastic has recently…

1.) Signed unto  the prestigious Click Models, which means he  had to move from New York City to Atlanta Georgia on New Years Day. Edo tastic knows that in order to live life to the fullest, one must take the risk. So he istantly  packed his bags, got on the first scheduled Greyhound and took life by the reigns. He cherished his New Years (was on the Greyhound) since it meant that he’s embarking on something fresh, new and zestful in the coming days.

2.) Was recently selected as Eastvillageboys.com’s BOY OF THE WEEK shot by Jessica Yatrofsky.

3.) Is in full blown colored pages that is waiting to be opened and experienced by you. A fury of emotions, passions and strenghths can be seen in Jessica Yatrofsky’s, ” I Heart Boy”.  Just go on Amazon.com and check it out today.

4.) Can  be seen in  Everybody knows  This  Is Nowhere” Ryan McGinley’s.

5.) Has a spot in  Love Magazine Issue 2.

6.) Has  work published in YRB Magazine.

7.) Most importantly, is part of the United Nations HOPENHAGEN Campaign. In which, his work will help expand the greater good and efforts of the U.N.

Edo Tastic may be a busy and accomplished young model, but he does find time for deep introspection. In his downtime, he’s working on incorporating his original poems and original images shots by BK Photo Guru.  Here’s a tiny taste of what he’s been up to:

Rots By Edo Tastic

Smoke cigarrettes.
Blow my life away.
Go west with the wind
Surrender to the weak flesh
Humane as ever
Uncaring for emotions
As I puff, you huff
Together we live
Minutes off
seconds away
And the times passed
I puff.
It rots.


No matter where Edo tastic treks to, he’ll always retain his mantra: “Always  stay original and never change.When you believe in yourself, your dreams will come to light.”

If you want to learn more about the man behind the art or simply make a new friend, just befriend him on Facebook.


  1. It would be a great thing to credit the photographer of the portrait (ME!) and perhaps a link to my website. And I think you meant “reins” not “reigns.” (But then, who pays attention to spelling anymore?)

    1. Hi Greg,

      Actually, it’s suppose to be “reigns”. Go to dictionary.com and type it in, the definition set for that word is accurate. I just added your name and website, but I do feel greatly offended by the sarcasm in your comment since it was an honest mistake I made, nothing intentional against you. Hope all is well.

      – Sherryn

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