Graeters Ice Cream:Reasons Why I Think Wegmans Should Have it in Stock..

If my friends know me well enough, they must know that I am very picky about desserts–especially  with ice cream. I tend to find Breyers, Edy’s, and at times, Ben & Jerry’s quite chalky, overly tart, and crude. I’m not ashamed for having refined tastes and prefering gourmet options: at a low cost.

 I rather shell $4.99 for a nice pint of  Graeters Black Raspberry Chip Ice cream than squander it for  some generic brands( like what I mentioned, prior).

I love Maryland and that will never change.  But  it pains me to know that they don’t understand high quality ice cream at a low cost. It’s fact that Maryland does not have good  ice cream, ( though they do have amazing crabs and steaks).

I heard through the grapevine that Wegmans  ( best place to ever get a sandwich) is indecisive  over having Graeters in their stores. Huh?

What is there to think about? There is no other ice cream brand that has perfected the  traditional French Pot process, and no other  that could even  making the world’s finest ice cream– in just two gallons at a time?

It’s lux creamy factor, subtle sweetness and ripe colors can not be replicated by any competitor.

I mean, I had to travel all the way to Ohio (7 hour drive) just so I can eat it every day, for an entire week. I’m sorry, it’s a recession and I can’t afford that much gas ( yikes, $3.56 per gallon) to drive all the way down to Cincinnati to eat  my favorite ice cream.

Maryland’s food and beverage businesses are also suffering from this downtrodden recession but by carrying higher quality items ( Graeters Black Raspberry Chip) at gourmet food places like Wegmans, it’s common sense that they will receive a positive surge of business.

After having one taste of Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip,  I am sure word-of-mouth will spread fast.  So all of you Graeters fans in MARYLAND, please write or e-mail  your local Wegman’s about this impending decision.

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