JBP Holsters:High Quality for a Low Rate

How widespread is this recession? One can say that it’s vast enough for most gun enthusiasts to refrain from spending extra cash on high-quality gun holsters. Most gun holsters these days have spiked in price but fallen in quality. It’s hard for most police departments, U.S. servicemen, and other law enforcement agencies to find sturdy Italian leather holsters at a reasonable price—unless they know Virginia’s best kept secret. Enter JBP Holsters.

It’s no secret that Virginia is a state richly embodied with history, culture, and vineyards. However, it should also be known as the home of JBP Holsters (Holsterama). Since 1999, JBP Holsters has been known as the source of high-quality leather holsters at a low price.>

They offer an extensive line of leather holsters for the general public with a wide variety of concealment and open carry options. JBP also creates a bridge between quality and cost by providing two holster brands that are made of expensive high-end leather yet are set to low-cost nylon holster prices. The Master’s Line (a line popular with police departments in Texas and Tennessee and with undercover or off-duty law enforcers) is a premium Italian leather line and The Sleeping Dog Line is a value-oriented leather line for price-sensitive customers.

JBP Holsters’ burgeoning reputation for providing clients with an excellent shopping experience, a large selection of left-handed holsters, fast shipping, a streamlined return policy, and quick customer service (online or in person) has also cemented them as the go-to place for gun holsters for NRA members, gun dealers, gun shop networks, and specialty catalogs. Besides shipping their holsters across the nation, they have also shipped their products to U.S servicemen overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. What’s unique and ingenious about JBP Holsters is their unique design for the Ambidextrous Belt Slide Holster (with metal clip) which, since 2003, has now been copied by several holster makers across the globe.

Besides selling gun holsters, they also attend local or national gun shows to interact with, sell to, and educate gun enthusiasts about innovative gun holsters. In January, they exhibited at the annual Shooting Industry Trade Show (SHOT SHOW) in Las Vegas, and their exhibit had an excellent turnout. It’s also imperative to note that they are a proud supporter of “The Wounded Warrior Project” in which they annually provide a Memorial Day sale fundraiser.

From now until April 30, 2011, all SherrynDaniel.com readers can get 10% off on any item in the store when using the promo code SB10 during checkout.

JBP Holsters may be headquartered in Virginia, but their products can be shipped all across the United States and Canada. All gun enthusiasts can sign up for free monthly newsletters on the company’s website. The newsletter features interesting articles for shooting sports enthusiasts.

 JBP Holsters also loves to hear from you, the gun lover at heart. So please email sales@holsterama.com with any questions or inquiries about specialty gun holsters.

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