My First Examiner Article: How to Pretend to Friends and Family that you like Family Guy

I recently became a DC Examiner Self-Help writer and I felt that even though “Family Guy” is a popular show, it’s not well liked by every single person.  Which is why I wrote this self-help guide for people who have friends that love the show but want to hide their hatred for the show. Here is an excerpt of my new Examiner article:

“It’s no secret that the acclaimed Fox  hit show “Family Guy” is not only a heavy Emmy winner but has officially become an American classic. It’s on every Sunday in between showings of it’s offpsring hits “The Cleveland Show” and “American Dad”. Inspite of the fact that it’s widely liked, it truly doesn’t appeal to all. 

Why yes, there people out there who don’t appreciate the spontaneous scene changes and obscure pop-culture references that are often made in the show. This situation becomes murkier when anti-fans of the show try to honestly express their detest for the show to die-hard “Family Guy” fans. Drama, yelling and some ocassional  eye  rolling action may take place if anyone utters the words, ” I really hate Family Guy”.

If you are someone who disdains Stewie, Peter, Brian, Quagmire and anyone else that Seth McFarlane has invented but who have way too many friends that love this show then this is the guide for you. Here are tips that could surely help mask your sheer hatred for “Family Guy” or anything else related to that show.

1.) At the first mention of a life moment relating to Family Guy, just smile and nod your pretty head. If anyone has an eclectric group of friends, than they are sure to find a few die-hard “Family Guy” fanatics. If that is the case, you are bound to run into some annoying “Family….. continue reading the rest here.


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