We Need Graeters in Maryland, Pronto!

Alcoholics, smokers and other addicts tend to suffer from withdrawal effects if they aren’t able to satisfy their inner desires. Withdrawal symptoms stem from shaking, sweating and anxiety. Addiction and withdrawel symptoms don’t  always have to spring from drug usage but it’s also found in not feeding an inherent infatuation for– gourmet ice cream.

Maryland is home to a burgeoning group of gourmet ice cream addicts who are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms. Each of these Ice cream foodie addicts had a taste of Graeters ( 23 + flavors) and want more of it. Knowing full well that Graeters can be found–in abundant supply, in  Ohio and now 30 other states– this altercation has whet their appetites even further  and ask the inevitable question, why not Maryland?

Several MD- Graeters-addicts, see the merit behind this brand. Many Marylanders wish that grocers would carry this brand since Maryland doesn’t have any yummy gourmet ice cream in the area ( I’m sorry, Ben and Jerry’s and Coldstone, you guys cannot compare); and because of this, many of these addicts have a few things to say:

1.)  ” I am in love with Graeter’s Mocha Chocolate chip. Ever since I went to this  ice cream social, i’ve been craving it ever since. I wish I can access it easier besides traveling down to Northern Kentucky to get it.” –Dennis Tran, Silver Spring

2.) “Graeter’s butter pecan is so yummy.  I love how creamy and tasty it is.”- Celina Gomez, Rockville

3.) “It’s hard to find the right kind of strawberry icecream. I tried breyers, Eddys and Turkey Hill’s soft churned ice cream and it doesn’t do well with me. Graeters strawberry ice cream is smooth, semi-sweet and delicious. It has the right amount of strawberry chunks and I don’t think no other brand could pull it off, as well as they do.”- Jackie Gomez, Rockville

4.) “Whenever I go down to Cincinnati, I always make sure I stop by my local Graeters for their blackraspberry chocolate chip. Recently my girlfriend and I  ate there everyday ( for an entire week) and we both couldn’t stop eating there. Graeters is addictive. It’s a slice of home that I wish could take a permanent residency in my new home, in Maryland.”- Stephen Dupal, Catonsville

5.) ” I’m a new Graeters fan but a fan, nonetheless. My best friend got me into their black raspberry chip ice cream and it was so good, I shared it with my entire family. It’s become a  staple within our dinner rituals, in that after we’re all done eating our main meals, everyone comes together to eat black raspberry chip sundaes. We order Graeters online but wish that we can just drive to a local grocer. This brand has become a part of our family and it’s irreplaceable.”- Chardae Bazemore, Baltimore city

6.) “When I  think of Graeters, I think of an ice cream match. It’s Graeters versus all those other ice cream brands and I can easily see it KO all the others. It’s that freaken good. I wish it was easier to get though.”-Shannon Kramer, Baltimore Co.

7.) “We have Graeter’s back in Louisville KY and it is simply the best ice cream ever. Would love to see it in MD.” Sam Gauss, current Baltimore resident.

8.) “During finals time, my best friend and former roommate would always get a surprise package of 6 pints of Graeter’s in the mail from her family. We then would proceed to have an awesome finals ice cream social! I would love to be able to pick up a pint or two from Wegman’s when she visits from her new place in NYC to share a nostalgic scoop and catch up”- Sarah Elena Supik, Baltimore resident.

9.) “I grew up in a suburb just outside Columbus, Ohio, and the Graeters a few blocks from my parents’ house is a neighborhood institution. When I went off to college at MICA, leaving home for the first time, my parents surprised me (and all my friends and roommates) with the 6-pint box during finals week. It became a tradition, and a special occasion, but I wish grocery stores would carry Graeters so we could celebrate the rest of our special occasions with the best ice cream any of us have ever had!”- Sarah Reber, Former Baltimore resident.

10.) “MMMMMMMM! Graeters is my favorite ice cream of all time!  Every since my old high school buds got me into it, I can’t stop craving it.” Marian Elbert,  Silver Spring

11.) “Graeters can do no wrong. It’s high quality ice cream at an affordable price. I know that if it was sold in Maryland, I would definitely buy more of it.”- Abhisek Devkota, Silver Spring

12.) “I work long hours at the office and sometimes I need a sweet break. I have a severe sugar tooth for icecream and my favorite is Graeters.” Andrew Beacham, Virginia resident ( but commutes around Maryland).

13.) “This ice cream is absolutely delicious! Why don’t they sell this locally??” Jill Dembek, Savage Maryland.
 14.) “ I have been a huge fan of Graeter’s since visiting Cincinnati with my team in the 90’s. Our whole team would be sure to stop in one of Graeter’s stores and indulge in one of the most indulgent products in the universe” I often ship Graeter’s 6-packs to my favorite clients all over the US. Can’t wait until Graeter’s comes to Maryland. “Mike Stankovic, Former Coach and player for the Baltimore Crunch

15.) “ We first were introduced to Graeter’s when we visited the Longaberger museum in Columbus, OH. Patty and my favorite flavor is their signature Black Raspberry chip. We will shop the 1st store to bring this brand in even if it means driving to Maryland!!” Dan Brooks, Lancaster, PA

16.)“ One of the hidden jewels in the food industry… I have represented lots of ice cream brands in my history but none as indulgent as Graeter’s!! Bring it on……” Bill Shewbridge, Baltimore, MD

17.)“Being the director of an ad agency, we get exposed to some great local brands. But there is nothing in this world like Graeter’s. Their recent article in Forbes Magazine said it right—If your product is worth talking about, let it speak for itself?” Donna Sheetz, Lancaster PA

18.) “ As the president of a foodservice company, I know when a brand is going to be a hit. This brand is a winner and we get samples all the time through their mail order. Mark Erdin, Kensington.


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