Cook,Crack and Eat:Phillips Seafood Clam Bake Class

 April 16 was a day that deluged me in murky Baltimore rain. And the day where my taste buds were succumbed to piquant clams, lobsters and crabs that were confined affectionately in a silver pot at Phillips Seafood by the harbor. My friend Hira and I attended Phillips Seafood Cook, Crack and Eat  Clam Bake Class, held monthly by the restaurant, and were surprised at the simple elegance of the class. 

We both walked in, with matted hair, and sticky clothes thanks to the rain; but after a full hour, we forgot about our appearance and were, instead, engulfed with a breadth of knowledge on quality seafood, imported foods and on addictive appetizers– only Philips Seafood has.

Our class was taught by a veteran chef who has worked for Philips since 1998 and who masterfully knows how to handle his ingredients. In between being  served soft but tart Crab Dip, robust Salt & Pepper Calamaris, and rich Crab Stuffed Mushroom Cap appetizers; we were served fine red and white wines that paired well with certain seafood items.  For an hour-long cooking class, we did learn alot:

Phillips Seafood Clam Bake Tidbits                 

  • When you cook lobster, make sure it’s lively.
  • Best snow crabs come from New Finland.
  • When you purchase shellfish, make sure all scales are intact and it doesn’t smell fishy.
  • When you make your clam bake, try to add white corn, lemon, parsley and  red potatoes.
  • White wine always compliments seafood dishes. So make sure you have plenty of it for your own clambake. 

Besides learning more about fresh seafood, this was a great opportunity to network with fellow seafood addicts in a refreshing atmosphere free of boisterous noise, loud music and tight space to move around. Though the clam bake is for two people, there’s truly enough for four.  If you want to learn more about Phillips Seafood’s Cook, Crack and Eat Clam bake class  please visit them at: 

 Phillips Seafood

301 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 685-6600

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