Gourmet Ice Cream Social Featuring Graeter’s Ice Cream

A few weeks back, I wanted to celebrate the start of spring by throwing an adequate sized ice cream social.  Since I only wanted to invite friends who were professionals in the D.C/ MD/ VA area, I only wanted to serve them the best ice cream I could possibly find. I nixed the idea of driving to any grocery store since no grocers in the area serves tasty, gourmet ice cream.

 So, I decided to order a few pints of Graeters (and I accidentally got everyone addicted to it. My guests wanted to drive to Giant to buy some pints to take home after they tried  12 flavors. I didn’t have enough pints for them to take home since there are no Maryland stores that carry Graeters).

Anyways, I presented my friends and their guests 12 flavors ranging from peanut butter, coconut, butter pecan, vanilla with chocolate chunks all the way down to Graeter’s creme of the crop, their black raspberry chip.

I was quite shocked that my guests finished all of my ice cream. It brightened my day yet saddened me at the same time. Since I wanted to eat some of that ice cream for myself, but as I said before, I accidentally got everyone addicted to Graeters.

They were so addicted to it that they complained, moaned and whined at me for not getting anymore for them.  It was also amusing to see grown men (engineers, political liasons, social workers, freelance journalists and lawyers)  cry over empty ice cream cartons but I think that’s just me.  I think when you get older, your tastes get more refined and you expect to eat something more than palatable. You expect high quality. And if you have the cash to splurge on it, I am sure you will since everyone has a guilty pleasure they don’t mind shelling a bit of extra cash on.

Certified Graeters Addicts:

  “Words can’t describe Graeters to me. I can simply say that I love it and i’m really glad that I had this ice cream party at my house. It was a great way to bring everyone together and to try out some wonderful gourmet ice cream.”- Dennis Tran, Electrical Engineer, Silver Spring.

” It was quite nostalgic for me to see Graeters. Growing up, I visited my Dad’s side of the family in Ohio and we always made it a task to eat it every time we visited the area. I really love their butter pecan and  their peanut butter flavor. I hope to see it more often in Maryland.”- Tristan Lohman, Computer Software Engineer, Silver Spring.


Graeters is so good, that I licked the rest of it from my bowl. I like all the flavors, especially the black raspberry chip. Graeters is so good, that I quit eating ’31’ flavors and rather stick to this stuff.”- Jason Coleman, Systems Engineer, Temple Hills


“Ive never been a big fan of ice cream but i’m a huge fan of this. My favorite flavor is peanut butter. I would rate the new coconut flavor as my second favorite.”- Hao Deng, Computer Software Engineer, Georgetown (D.C).


“If they sold Graeters in Maryland, I would buy it. This is really good, I really enjoyed it. I really liked the coconut, it’s smooth, velvety and nice.” Steve Brown, Lawyer, Silver Spring.

” I choose vanilla! This is the smoothest ice cream i’ve ever had and it’s way better than Bassett’s or Giffords.” Evan Bernfield, liason to Delegate Susan Lee, Bethesda.

” I really enjoy the cookie dough. This brand of cookie dough beats Turkey Hill, and i’ve been eating it for years. Graeters is surely spoiling my dinner.” James Zipadelli, Freelance Journalist in D.C area, Takoma Park. ( Picture was misplaced, but check out his website.)

“I love the candy and chocolate pieces that’s mixed with the ice cream. Black raspberry chip is a good flavor, I had no idea it would taste so distinctive. It’s definitely one of my favorites now. It’s surely the creamiest.” Brent Beane, neighborhood coordinater, Takoma Park, (who was recently featured in the white house’s website for Peace Corp).

The gourmet foodies got so riled up with eating all of this ice cream that they decided to get creative. They invented this really yummy Mango drink that was based on Graeter’s Coconut ice cream.

Graeter’s Mango Nut Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup of ice
  • 5 shots of vodka ( or more or less)
  • 1 whole mango cut into slices
  • 1 cup of mango pulp
  • 1 pint of Graeters Coconut Ice Cream

Add all of these ingredients in a blender and  blend it. After you notice that the mixture has been blended enough serve to friends. ( Serves up to 3-5 people).

I’m hoping to have more ice cream socials in the future but I don’t think an ice cream social is ever complete without Graeters ice cream.

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