Need a hobby? Try pogo sticking or something unique

I abhor it when some people assume that everyone should have similiar hobbies. You know, the hobbies that are omnipresent or promulgated indirectly through celebrities, politicians or any other figureheads. I think it’s great that there are people out there who love to play basketball, collect stamps or even knit random doodads in their spare time– but is that specifically what you want to do over the weekends?

Hobbies should be geared towards the individual not towards any group-think mentality that since everyone else is doing it, you must do it as well. A hobby is an activity in which tangible or non-tangible results from it. With knitting the tangible result that comes from investing time in that hobby are warm mittens. Athletic hobbies or intellectual hobbies tend to incline well with non-tangible results, e.g., sharpened balance, enhanced memory or rock-hard abs ( ok, you can see rock-hard abs ripple  through a sheer shirt..).

Remember, just because all of your friends like to skydive doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe your born quirky and unique and want to do something that truly feeds your desires. Like Pogo sticking.

Do you like how that sounds? Good. If you want a hobby that is  unique, confusing, humerous or even attention-grabbing, you are at the right blog.  Though, I only do half these hobbies  I am open into learning more about the rest too. So check out my  semi-exhaustive list of hobbies, hopefully you find one that fits:

Unique Hobbies

1.) Pogo Sticking-  I recently got one as a present and am currently trying to be awesome in hopping with it. It’s a great hobby because you get to exercise your upper and lower body. It’s sold in Toys-R-Us and if you can’t find one that fits your size, you can always order online.

2.) Etch-a-Sketch Master- When I get bored, I love drawing detailed-oriented pictures on them. It’s a hobby because you strengthen your mind and must have proper hand and eye coordination when it comes to scrawling the right way.

3.)Augment your vocab-  This is a hobby that I am passionate about. Google ‘Shephard Software’ and play the vocab game. It’s not only invigorating but will help you expand your vocab in no time. 

4.) Paranormal Activity-No, this is not my personal hobby and please don’t let me last blog entry think I am into it. I think it’s interesting and something really unique for other people to try out. No matter where you live, there is always some story about some ghost scaring some kid.

5.) Ethnic Food Foodie- The U.S is a melting pot full of wonderful people and their food. Try eating EVERYTHING from a Chinese restaurant one day and ask the waiter questions about why the Wonton soup tastes a certain way.

6.) Play Unique Board or Strategy Games- Getting bored of Monopoly? Play Settlers of Cattan or go to a specialty boared game shop. There are probably thousands of board games you’ve never heard about that can take you to another world.

7.) Part-time actor- Thanks to Craigslist and other relevant websites, anyone can take a part-time acting gig over the weekends. Why not audition for that commercial or try out to be the lead in a local theater?

8.) Event Blogger- Create a blog catered to local events in your area and foster relationships with the event promoter. In no time, you’ll be out on a Friday night and have momentary fame online after you post your entry.

9.) B-List Celeb Sight-Seer- A-listers are difficult to find and meet. So why not stick to B-listers? I’m currently looking for Biz Markie and having a great time with that.

10.) Photoshop Expert-  It’s not as hard as you think it is. Just teach yourself the basics and play around with pictures you’ve taken in the past. I taught myself when I was in high school through reading tutorials and by practicing.

11.) Collect Indie Music- If Pop is giving you a headache shoot for Indie bands. Google “Indie Bands” and you will amass enough results to learn more about eclectic bands. In fact, try going to concerts of musicians you’ve never heard about and try to get to know them. It’s not only great to network but to develop musical tastes that are unique to you.

12.) Being Cheap– This recession is driving up prices on EVERYTHING. Clipping coupons, ransacking the web for online deals and haggling has become a sport for many. It’s also alot of funny to mentally envision yourself saving 10 dollars while other people are shelling out extra cash when they don’t have to.

13.) Collect Old Video Games- Just because the game is outdated and the visuals are not as flashy as anything on a WII doesn’t make it boring. Collect old games and try to master them all. It will not only occupy your time but fortify your knowledge on old-school gaming.

14.) Impersonate Cartoon Characters-  Are you a shy barfly?  If you are a fan of cartoons, why not learn to imitate some of them. I’m sure you will get everyone laughing at your Donald Duck impression soon enough.

15.) Ping Pong Player- If Forrest Gump can do it, so can you.

16.) Harmonica Player-  It was Morgan Freeman’s hobby in “Shawshank Redemption” and it can be your hobby too. Just go to an old instrumental store and buy one. Youtube as tutorials for EVERYTHING and  after awhile, i’m sure you will be amazing. Maybe even better than Morgan Freeman’s character.

17.) Collect VHS Films- VHS tapes are now artifacts, like Walkmens, Beta Tapes and Records. If you want to stroll down memory lane just go to your local thrift store and try to collect vhs tapes from films you loved. If you are a fan of Disney cartoons from the 80’s/90’s you can always get the original “Little Mermaid” if you look through enough junk for it.

18.)  Thrift Store  Fashionista- Fashion is all in the state of the mind. You can create your own look by wearing vintage shirts, jewelry, and jeans.

19.) Recycling- It’s not only good for the environment but there’s just so many things to recycle. Batteries, plastic, paper and even old clothes are just to name a few.  You can make this a competition with yourself on how to decrease your carbon footprint or even get your friends involved. Your environment is your only home, and it’s not doing so well. Do your part and recycle.

20.) Read Non-Best Sellers- There’s all this hype behind New York Times Best Selling books.  I want to point out that not all books on this list are interesting to read. Just remember that Snooki was a number 1 best selling author on this list. Scout out books that are informative and unique. Check out yardsales, thrift stores or look around different corners of a book store for something interesting to read.

21.) Beer Taster- Refined Beer making is a process that deals with proper fermentation. Wait till it’s Oktoberfest and  try to diversify your pallets with a medly of yummy ales.

22.) Fencing- It’s not only unique but you get to wear a funky suit, meet new people and develop confidence–with flare.

23.) Spelunking-  If you like dark, cramped spaces then this is the hobby for you? I think?

24.) Thrill Rides- Make it a hobby to go on the scariest rides from every amusement park in the country.

25.) Boxing- Sounds like fun?

27.) Invent Recipes- Remember to compare and contrast between different cookbooks.  Food is an art and you are an amateur artist. Have fun being creative.

28.) Be a professional amateur-  Go to your local Barnes and Noble and read enough books on a particular topic. Whether it’s about writing, politics or Social Media and after reading enough books, claim to the world you are an expert.

29.) Pole Dance Exercise Courses- Again, this is not something I am personally in to. But this new sport is freeing and liberating for women. Try it out and strut your self.

30.) Independent Vendor- Are you good at making jewelry, soap, or some sort of collectible? Well you can always sell your hobbies at flee shops over the weekends. If you have insightful knowledge, maybe you can sell your services too.

31.) Write for It’s a great way to practice your writing skills and be up-to-date with whatever interests you. Plus, you get an awesome online presence after publishing a few articles.

32.) Pop Culture Enthusiast- Self-explanatory but if you love to read tabloid magazines, watch E-News, or read about pop culture trends then you are already a Pop Culture Enthusiast. Congrats.

33.) Event attender-Don’t have any plans saturday night? Well, you can Google up events in your area and just go stag to them. It’s a fun way to meet new people, observe social interactions and actually get out of the house. If you take pics and send it to the Event Promoter you may end up creating a budding friendship ( get into more events for free).


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