Anthony Morrison:Recession-Proof Scam Artist

From 2008 til 2011, our nation has been dumb-founded by this seemingly endless recession that seemed to blanket every aspect of  our own livelihoods.  Steep gas prices, insurance, and product prices never cease to end. Another tenet to every downward recession are staple scammers who try to bamboozle meager earnings from financially struggling  folks.

Now, meet Anthony Morrison.  A young man in his late twenty’s, early 30’s who some how became a millionaire amidst this trying recession. Out of the “kindness” of his heart, he wanted to help baby boomers and up reach the same heights he has. He has developed elementary opportunities for this demographic to use the all powerful “Int-er-net” to find lost opportunities that seem to be unfounded by the masses.

Around Hitler’s birthday, April 20, 2011, he held a “Self-Made Online Millionaire” conference in Bethesda and solely invited those who were downtrodden with the recession the most. Those who are between the ages of 40-75 were in attendance and according to statistics, are the targeted group to least likely know how to decipher the internet, social media and online advertising.

The conference was headed by a Morrison cronie who claims to eat dinner with him on occassion.  The presentation was weaved with unconnected statistics, simple language and promises of a free meal. The speaker reminded me of Jerry Springer’s former security guard since he tamely yelled at the audience to give him full eye-contact and to raise their hands, incessantly, for every glib thing he says.

” Do you like to make money”, says the Morrison Cronie. Dumbfounded crowd raises hand and smiles niavely. An hour later, it can be presumed that in order to make money you must GIVE them money on a monthly basis as a way to thoroughly learn about the “Anthony Morrison” system. 

Any company that coerces you to PAY them, on a monthly basis, for materials about starting about your own online business is a sure fire clue that it’s a scam. Remember LocalAdlink, Amway, and Quixtar?

It’s the same concept but with a pretty face. Recessions tend to breed scammers and they tend to cloak themselves as your personal monetary savior when bills run high and pay checks dry fast.

 Hopefully you walk away fast before they usurp your bank accounts with futile literature about the “Int-er-net”.

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