May 18, 2011: Fresh Markets in Maryland WILL CARRY GRAETERS Ice cream!!!

Maryland will no longer be a state that is barren of high-quality ice cream. Fresh Market stores ,conveniently located in Baltimore and in Annapolis, will sell Graeters pints to lucky customers who get to partake in creamy, heavenly goodness.

Albeit, though I live in Silver Spring and would have to make a 45 minute drive to either location, it’s  better than driving 7-8 hours to Cincinnati Ohio.

I know for certain that alot of Graeter’s fans in Maryland are overjoyed with the prospect of having this brand within their reaches. This pent-up demand for this rare sort of ice cream has been alarmingly clandestine across the blogosphere and especially across different households throughout the state.

I swear, the moment Graeters ever hits every  county in Maryland will be the moment when this state can proudly boast of being the go-to state for deluxe ice cream at an affordable rate.

 For now, this blogger is ready to stock up her barren freezer with Graeters Black Raspberry Chip, Peanut Butter, Coconut, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, and  Chocolate Chocolate Chip— the moment when Fresh Markets in Baltimore and Annapolis stocks up on Oprah’s favorite Ice Cream brand (Yes, I am talking about Graeters).

Readers, please visit these locations May 18, 2011

1.)2510 Quarry Lake Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209
410.580.1930 (F) 410.580.1933
2.) 2504 Solomons Island Road
Annapolis, MD 21401
410.573.9700 (F) 410.573.9773

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