Blogstravaganza:Celebrating 50,000 Hits with Pizzaz!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for making my blog a growing success in the DMV area. By surpassing 50,000 hits, and aggregating close to 100 entries, I can boast that this site is the optimal source for fun, fresh, and frisky articles.

Whether it’s a self-help entry on networking or a profile on Miss D. C USA Heather Swann, this unique site adheres to what’s newsworthy and eye-opening.

If it isn’t for you, the reader, would this site even be alive in the Blogosphere? Probably not. It’s because of you that this site is where it is today.

 Your Facebook likes, follows on Twitter,  comments and suggestions, established So, this celebration that I held a few months ago is in honor of you, the fan.

Thank you for being a good friend to my blog, we both appreciate the online love.

Sherryn Daniel

Feel free to click on the link below to view a comprehensive slideshow of my party.

If the music, lack of transition and poor chronological order miffs you then nix the show and read on.
 The festivities started at BD Mongolian in Bethesda, and ended, momentarily, under two hours, due to Managements lack of communication with us. It was great food, a fun experience but weird service. Our server seemed nice but the manager hoarsely told us to leave in less than two hours?
We didn’t let bad service from upper management get in the way of a great time, however, we do recommend you hold parties and group get together’s at a BD Mongolian location AWAY from Bethesda though. If you want better service, ample time to chit-chat with good company– please look elsewhere.  If that wasn’t bad enough, one of our good friends was OVERCHARGED  $70 bucks when, in reality, only bought $30 worth of food?
Thank goodness we confronted this issue and elucidated to BD that you can’t just grift a customer. It’s uncouth, rude and passive aggressive.  Anyways, we shifted the party to a better venue with amazing service, yummier food and an ethereal atmosphere that flowed the party into a calm state. Our burgeoning party of twelve highly recommends Food & Wine Company in Bethesda. Ironically enough, it was located just a block from BD, the dichotomy of good service.
The dishes were cheaper, demographic was age appropriate and prices were affordable ( unlike BD  which hiked up prices on small/ unlimited bowls of food).  Most importantly, service was munificent, which alluded to all of us having a wonderful time.

Everyone who attended could attest to my socially awkward response when it comes to trying raw oysters for the first time. I paired my oyster tasting with discerning different brands of red wine,  trying distinct cheeses and with stuffing myself with  loads of chocolate cake. It feels good to be a foodie in the DMV area.

 Lest not forget that we phoned into our good friend Justin McDowell, who is stationed in Pensacola Florida. If it wasn’t for him and ‘Teddy Bear’, there wouldn’t even be a party. As the night loomed in, we all decided to move the party ( not by Managements’  force) to Rockville’s Roof  top party. We got in, VIP, and partied to some old school hits from the 90’s– Remember “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey featuring the best Wu Tang Clan Member, ODB? Yes, that was looped into our party mode.

The party dwindled to 7, and we were at a point where we didn’t know what to do. We already dined well, chilled to good tunes and embraced the cool winds atop the roof.  But there was something missing from this get together…

Darryl just wanted to shove a cake on someone’s face and I agreed.

Cake ricocheted from my face to everyone else’s shirts. I couldn’t see, breathe or hear after awhile. So this is how it feels for Johnny Knoxville, after he pulls a stunt on Jackass.

I decided to up the ante by jumping on my pogo stick, the same time my face was smashed in by that cake. I guess me pulling this “Jackass” stunt is my way of saying thank you for reading my blog for the past 2 and 1/2 years. Now you all can ‘eat in’ the glory of this blog surpassing 50,000 hits 🙂

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