Biz Markie: Where are you?

All  of my close college buds know that I have this weird obsession with Biz Markie. Its been that way since my freshman year, and I have no idea why this is so. 

 Six years later, this obsession never faded but strengthened with time.  During my time in college, I had the chance to see him beatbox at Sonar but refrained from it.

 No one I knew liked him as much as me.

I guess, in a sense, I was an oldschool hip hop loner entranced by bygone music of the 80’s. There’s just something sparkly about Biz’s personality. His music, sense of humor and especially his beat boxing skills surpass anyone who tries to trump him. 

 No other rapper compares to the great Biz Markie — Not even Old Dirty Bastard, Mystikal or R. Kelly who I am also a huge fan.  His novel approach to hip hop, e.g., tunes about unrequited love, making jocular sounds with his mouth, and always being a guest musician with an ensemble of greats, has forever carved a place in my heart.

As of recent, I was able to hold a two minute Facebook conversation with the clown prince of hip hop, himself. It was the best two minutes of Facebook I ever spent but sadly enough, it didn’t satiate me. I want to meet him, face-to-face.

I know he lives in Bowie, Maryland. Which is not too far from where I live and yes, I have driven around that area. I had no such look looking for him though. I don’t want to be a celeb-stalker since that’s preposterous. All I want to do is meet him and tell him that I think he’s the best rapper that ever lived.

My friends think my ardent affections  for Biz is ridiculous and many have doubted that I’ll ever meet him. Fear not, if there is a will there is a way.  Biz, himself, said he lives in Bowie.

I perused his website and parts of it were equivocal, over how to meet him. The best I could surmise was that I need to pay him $5,000, rent a hotel room for him and his posse’, and invent an event for him to perform as the best possible way for me to meet him. Yeah, it’s a recession and I am not a millionaire.

Shiri Appleby, acclaimed actress from “Roswell” and “Life Unexpected”, primarily has a Twitter account as a way to reach out to her  favorite celebrity, Steve Martin.

It’s been close to a year, but her persistance will pay off one day. Why can’t it work for me?

So, I plan to blog about Biz Markie ( as well as about other aspects of my life) on a daily basis until I get to meet him face to face. I do follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.  I am willing to do this for years. Albeit, I may lose blog fans or some self-respect from my web 2.0 peers ( for blog-stalking)  but life is too short to care about what other people think.

I heart you Biz. I’m armed with enough social media tools to make this dream come true.


  1. I ran into him at ihop in Bowie and he walked in a seated himself. Alot of people wait to be seated were in an uproar ready to fight screaming to him that he is a washed up rap star

  2. my son swears he is goingt osee him tonight at a neighborhood party in Huntingtown, MD off Ben Oak Dr. abot 30 min frm Bowie its a 18yr old party hm , Im starting to believe him now that you say he lives in Bowie . Pretty cool!’

    1. Hi Lauren! I wish I got your e-mail sooner, I would’ve driven out to see him. Is it tonight, like June 16, 2012? Your son is very lucky to meet him. I would love to meet him one day! Can you let me know and ask people you know more about Biz Markie’s whereabouts? I am probably going to write more entries like this. Thank you again for the heads up 🙂

      – Sherryn

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