Reasons why it’s okay to be fearless, like a tiger

 I love tigers. They have been my favorite animal since I was probably 10 years old ( this was before I knew about tigers being India’s prime animal and before I knew about that terrorist group, the Tamil tigers).  There was just something majestic about these creatures that I couldn’t truly define with words.

Aside from the fact that they pull of looking regal with their orange, white and black stripes, can bite a creature’s face off in seconds and tend to rule whatever land they roam– tigers are fearless.

 They don’t run away from larger animals like elephants but pierce their sharp eyes into those gray baffoons eyes, and simply stay put. Tigers are not scared, inspite of several odds stacked against them.

I can honestly say, I don’t think I am as fearless as a tiger.

Is it really smart for me,  a 5 ft 1 inch little Indian American girl, to glare at anyone who is over 6ft tall? If I did that, at like Panera ( in Silver Spring), I would get bombarded with smack talk or someone may pick me up, and throw me through Chik-Fil-A’s window. Yikes!

There may be some issues down the road if I was fearless as a tiger but I don’t think there would be too many issues if I was fearless like a tiger.  Subtle wording between the words, as and like, can do wonders when it comes to conveying precise meaning.

Anyways, I aim to be fearless like a tiger. As arduous as this task may be, it’s worthwhile.  I rather be fearless like a tiger than fearful like a mouse, always skimpering around in fear, worried about some big cat about to chomp its’ body in half.  Possibly leaving behind gushing red, green or gray entrails as a warning for those who ever get in that cat’s path.

Growing up, i’ve encountered so many mice. So afraid of a cat –trying a new hobby, taking a chance, trying something new, fear of failure— that they refrain from taking a chance and living life. I admit, i’ve been a mouse too and hid away from so many opportunities, chances and even people due to fear. 

When you live life as a mouse,  you hoard more memories of regret. When you live life like a tiger, you amass chances that were taken. Albeit, sometimes these chances end up being failtures but atleast they were failures that were taken head on.

Between you and me, one of my biggest pet peeves is encountering mice. I, like a tiger, want to chomp them like a cat. I’ve lived part of my life as a mouse and did not find much of it to be fulfilling and whenever I see someone live in complete fear ( due to religion, family, fear, insecurities or ignorance); I get irritated.

A part of me wants to lecture them into why life is futile if it’s not fully lived. However, it’s not my place to do that. Life is a lesson that must be learned on ones’ own. So, I as a tiger,  will hold back and let the mice pitter patter away in between my feet.

The big question I want to ask you is, which would you rather be? A mouse or a tiger?


  1. Hey I like your post very much. I want to be fearless like a tiger.
    Can you please suggest me how to break the fear barrier inside me?

    1. Take up a hobby that challenges different aspects of yourself (emotional, physical, etc.). It’s also very important to learn to ignore negative thoughts you may have about yourself and to immerse yourself with positive people. Toxic characters always have a way of diminishing ones own light. Hope this helps, Arjun.

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