Heidi Mueller “aka” Kay Bennet from Passions gave me great makeup advice

Growing up,  I watched Heidi Mueller on the latter seasons of the 2008 defunct soap opera “Passions”. She played Kay Bennet, a human who later became a witch, who was in love with this man that initially loved her sickly sweet cousin Charity. Ever since the inception of the soap opera, i’ve been a strong fan of the character Kay Bennet.

 Inspite of her rancor towards Charity, she played a real character that I learned to adore. Kay was strong, independent and imperfect whereas Charity was overly dependent, weak and miss perfect.  Charity’s saccarine sweetness incensed me with anger since women like that are very niave and weak.I could easily see why Kay was exasperated by everyone elses adulations over Charity, especially that of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Miguel was so niave. He had a real strong woman in Kay but incessantly opted for Charity, a weakling with a contrived personality.  Anyways, enough over my rant.

  Mueller has always been my favorite person to play Kay Bennet because she made Kay into a multi-faceted character versus a static personality that was only out for revenge. She played a loving mom, an empathetic friend and yeah, a bit of a manipulator too. But she did it with aplomb. Her portrayel of Kay had a profound effect over the last seasons of  “Passions”.

Sadly enough, not alot of fans were able to see it due to the show switching to new channels.  I won’t ruin the conclusion of the soap opera but let’s say that I was not displeased with it. Loose ends were tied up and storylines were in tandem to meet viewer’s desires and expectations. Mueller was the best Kay Bennet, and I  would love to see her in more shows.

As of recent, I was curious over what she’s been up to and decided to Google her name. Through my exhaustive Google search, I found out that she has this widely succesful makeup blog. The website scintillated with dark pink hues, curly-styled flowers and hearts, and different pages were in uniform of each other. Overall this was a very nice personal website. Mueller creatively created vlog entries ( Video blogs) that vividly displayed what’s the best makeup brands out there.

I grew to be a fan of her blog as well. Aside from loving her acting abilities, I loved her vlog too.  So, I decided to take a leap of faith and befriend her on Facebook. I had a few makeup questions I wanted to ask her.  I was overjoyed when she kindly replied back over one of my Facebook questions pertaining to her recent status update.  Here is what she said:

Heidi Mueller: Ok beauty addicts.. I got an AMAZING lip plumper today!! you have to try! its by Tamra Berry.. you can only order it directly through her.. tamra@beautybytamra.com its awesome + doesn’t burn ur lips like most plumpers! its smells awesome too! I got 2 colors.. clear + angel 🙂

Sherryn Daniel: Heidi, I really like your blog alot. With that said, can you tell us more about this lip plumper, in comparison to other leading lip plumpers? Also, I hope you update more. This blog fan is definitely going to read it alot 🙂

Heidi Mueller: thank you so much! i like this plumper bc it gives a nice fullness to my lips without making me feel like my lips are on fire 🙂 the consistency is smooth and not sticky.. ( ive tried too faced, lip fusion ect) the clear gloss is a bit stronger but the colors are perfect if you want a nice sheer gloss with a yummy smell and a full plumped lip 🙂

I admit, I am a definite novice when it comes to applying makeup on. Her advice was really beneficial to me and I hope more people visit her blog, called “The Skinny With Heidi”.

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