Hmmm.. I guess Parminder Nagra does reply back to fan’s tweets..

Okay, I don’t bother ALL celebrities on Twitter. I only attempt to contact celebrities that are hidden gems, and who are actually talented. You will never see me tweeting Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie ( she’s a backstabbing, geisha) or Taylor Swift (she can’t even sing, i’m sorry).  I do Retweet, Tweet and even leave Facebook messages for Shiri Appleby, Mindy Kaling, Heidi Mueller ( The REAL Kay Bennet),Parminder Nagra, Donald Glover,  and Jamie Kennedy (he’s funnier than Ashton Kutcher and his show on the WB is way funnier than Punk’d.)

For like the past year, i’ve been tweeting to Parminder Nagra’s messages. I’ve retweeted, tagged her and tried to convey to her that I am an ardent fan. It’s hard to stick out amongst 6,000 of her followers but hoped my creative tweets had some viability. After attempting to vye for her attention for so long, I nearly gave up.   I mean, there had to be some axiom on how to get one of your favorite actresses to tweet you back.? Being congenial on twitter wasn’t working for me, maybe I had to resort to some chicanery to get her attention?

So this is what I said to get her attention:

@ParminderNagra Mindy, do you actually reply back to your fans on Twitter?

Finally, after like a year of tweeting her. She replied back:

“@SherrynDsBlog: Mindy, do you actually reply back to your fans on Twitter?” NO…”

I think Nagra was so amused by this she even retweeted this other person’s response to my own tweet:

@essexlou87: @Parmindernagra Why not?!?! :(” jokes.. The irony. That I did reply..? No #fail

I was compelled by all of this. I guess some celebrities do reply back on Twitter? But the bigger question is, would she even read this blog entry about her tweet making such an impact on this young fan’s social media life?

Only Parminder Nagra would know…

UPDATE  AS OF 11:40 p.m today…..

I tweeted to Parminder Nagra:

@Parmindernagra I wrote a blog entry about your Tweet?  Would you even read it: Do you reply back to bloggers????????

@Parmindernagra Mindy, do you have time in your busy schedule to amuse your niave tweep-fan?
Parminder Nagra replied to me, in a succinct and loqacious way, ofcourse:
@SherrynDsBlog  nice
This just shows you that not only persistence pays off but some celebrities actually care about their fans. Thanks Parminder for enticing this blogger with your Sardonic but sanguine replies. You just made her day!

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  1. I worked as a production designer with her recently on the feature film twenty8k, and i can honestly say she is one of the nicest actors i have had the pleasure working with. On what a grueling shoot, she still managed to take the time to have a laugh with the crew.

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