The Greatest Inspirations by Listiani Wijaya

It’s rare nowadays to find a book that everyone can find useful. Normally poetry books only divulge creative folk or English majors.

 But “The Greatest Inspirations” by Listiani Wijaya has found a home in the hearts of many:  accountants, consultants, attorneys, architects, auditors, architects, body builders, sport people, engineers, entrepreneurs, IT (Information Technology) people, bankers, teachers, lecturers, professors, students, readers, writers, business people, religious and non-religious people, poets, marketers, housewives, directors, managers, artists, financial advisors, financial analysts, business analysts, other analysts, journalists, and countless others.

Given these turbulent and changing times, her mellifolous sounding poetry speaks candidly about our humanity and is easy to ascertain. It’s simple, direct and clear, just the way a top-notch book ought to be.

This book is a hidden gem. Just reading a few pages alone, anyone could easily boast that  it has– in some way, shape or form–benefited, blessed, or inspired them to embark on life in a singular but honest way.

If my words don’t sway you towards Wijaya’s gift for colorful metaphors, allusions or lexicon than hopefully these other readers could change your mind:

“Great collections! I am very impressed. Wijaya’s book truly contains the greatest inspirations and thoughts that are really relevant to anyone in nearly any situation. I highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone.”

 Amrit Kayastha, Internetworking Engineer, Equant, Aurora, CO, U.S.A.

“Listi’s poetry is indicative of her natural qualities as a person; graceful, worldly, optimistic, inquisitive, and wise beyond her years. You can tell that her writings flow easy from her heart and soul, and are relevant to us all, no matter who we are. I have always learned much from Listi regarding how we should live life, and believe that her poetry can speak to us all during these changing and turbulent times. Poets like Listi are hidden gems that can speak to our humanity, when we find them.”

 Jack Buffington, Director of e-Business, COORS Brewery, Golden, CO, U.S.A.

“I have had the opportunity to know Listiani very well and I know that you will be as excited as I was to read her works. You will find her insights and writings to be very open, honest and refreshing, much like a young child who discovers the joy of walking alone for the very first time. As you read through her feelings you will be able to enjoy that pleasure in your life, not merely as a spectator, but as a participant in life once again.”

 Robert (Bob) Lowry, Allstate Insurance Company, Castle Rock, CO, U.S.A.

Interested in learning more about Wijaya’s newest book? Check out this link.

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