Did you know? You can plank in Downtown Silver Spring too..

I’m sure some of you have heard of the the fad planking. No? Well Planking, in short, is lying face down in a unusual or incongruous location. It’s imperative that hands must touch the sides of the body and  players must post the pic online, asap. In order to play the game right, players must find the most unusual and original location to play.

Many have claimed to have invented planking (e.g., Tom Green, Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon) while others simply just do it.  This trend was incepted in 2011 and has pervaded the globe. So many Facebook pages are influxed with Planking pics ranging from awkward locations at a park to exotic landmarks like the Taj Mahal.

It’s even interesting to note that someone died from this fad. On May 15, 2011 an Australian man from Brisbane plunged to his death after reportedly planked on a seventh-floor balcony.

Well, a few weekends ago I didn’t die, neither did my friend Rob.  You can live through this fad too, fyi.

I haven’t seen Rob in awhile so I decided to text him to see if he wanted to catch dinner in downtown Silver Spring. He did but was craving a taco salad from Qdoba. So we met up, ate and talked.  Throughout the meal, I noticed Rob had this trendy camera hung on him. He would double-check the lense then unremittingly snap shots of me eating awkwardly.

I wish I had those pics to post too but sadly, I don’t. Anyways,  Rob wanted to plank. It was all he thought about doing. After talking about it so much, I wanted to plank too.

Rob was very brave. He wanted to plank in the most awkward locations..

I wish I was as brave as Rob G. I opted to just plank in the most noteworthy location..

Rob wanted other people to laugh at me. And yes, he got his wish.

It was a fun adventure. It was not only my first time planking but it was also my first time creating a semi scene in the area as well. Rob and I jotted down future locales to plank at ( ofcourse, his areas are more daring and risky than my own).

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