New York City 2011: Strange, Fun and Memorable

Several weekends ago, I made a short trip to New York City. We left around 7 p.m on a friday and came to New Jersey way past when.  Since i’ve been to New York City multiple times, I wanted to have a new take with this trip. I wanted to find anything that makes New York City seem singular in comparison to other cities.  Here is what I found:

If you go Central Park around mid-day you will be able to find the most charming, racy, stupendous crew of acrobats. They call themselves “Afro-bats” and truly put on a good show.

I was walking down Time Square and lo and behold, Samuel L. Jackson. Okay, it’s not really him but Madam Tussauds is so good, that their wax figurines look that real.

The weather was wonderful in NYC. Vendors were out selling smoked shish-kabobs,  socialites were out splurging on hot Louisse Voutons and boxers felt like boxing.

 In Wallstreet, out-of-towners can see an iron bull  and a plethora of other sites. What I saw that day was a snake in a suitcase. I wonder if that snake was in the same plane as Samuel L. Jackson (Get that M*ther F*cking Snake of that M#other F$cking plane).

New York City is full of random people dressed up as random pop-culture figures. Like, i’ve seen spiderman, the statue of liberty and a big fat cow a few times. I wonder if that little girl is scared of Elmo. If I was her, I would be scared of Emo Elmo.

I was around East Village ( New York University area) and I heard that this block normally spins. It didn’t spin when I was there so I was trying to movie it. I totally failed 😦

I swear, I thought this was Pepto Bismal soup. But it’s actually Borscht.  It tasted like beets churning in raw sour cream. I didn’t understand why chefs from the restaurant Veska ( known for their Ukrainian dishes) added a boiled egg in this concoction. It made me so confused!!

Have any of you seen the movie “Searching for Bobby Fisher”? If not, please check it. It’s about this chess prodigy who pawns everyone. I figure these players are a bit like Bobby…

I have no idea what or who these people are. I think they are either practicing for a broadway show or are just quixotic hippies, flittering and ambling about in random parks.

I don’t blame New York City for being that paranoid, having all those cop cars in tandem. Maybe Baltimore should follow in that lead? Hmmmmmmmm….


  1. Sherryn, you’re such a creative writer! Your description of NYC was so vivid and informative. Makes me want to visit there very soon!! Great posting!

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