Reasons why Esmeralda should be considered a Disney princess

Six years ago, when Facebook was first incepted, I created my very first Facebook group.  The facebook group titled “Esmeralda is an actual Disney Princess” started out with only 40 fans. I was surprised when I recently went back to it in 2011. It blossomed to 103 members. I was even more surprised that the group had an active discussion board.

So many women out there, all across the globe, feel that Esmeralda should be a Disney princess. She’s always been my favorite since the movie “Hunchback of Notre Dame” came out. Before the movie came out, I always noticed that I didnt feel like I could relate to the other Disney princesses. I’ve had people say that Princess Jasmin is relateable but she doesn’t look like me at all.

Also, Princess Jasmin doesn’t look South Indian at all, she’s Arabian actually. Though Esmeralda is from Spain, if you read up more on the history of gypsys you realize  that the first gypsys came from South India and have migrated since.  Esmeralda was not only easy to relate to physically but emotionally and mentally, she’s alot more real than the other princesses.

She’s a very independent woman who depends on her own senses to get by. Unlike the other princesses, life was never easy for her but she always continued to thrive.

The aforementioned reasons are my very own on why Esmeralda should be considered a Disney princess. I posted a Facebook group question a few weeks ago asking the group’s members why they think Esmeralda should be considered a Disney princess, and this is what they had to say:

Esmeralda Alfaro: because she is smart,brave and adventurous plus my name is Esmeralda 🙂

Devika J. Singh: Esmeralda is a princess of the people. She may never hold that title but doesn’t need to in order to be as revered as the princesses we so often see glorified by Disney. This woman is strong, stands up for those who are in need (lest we not forget “God Help the Outcasts”) and is very, VERY charismatic while doing so. She may not be royalty on paper but has every single trait that the best of the best need as leaders.

And so what if she’s not rich and living in a castle? She’s free, she’s resourceful and knows what she needs to do to find her happiness. The world is her castle (as it is her oyster, after all)!

Amanda Chesher: Because she’s a gypsy and therefore can be a princess if she wants to be.

I wish Disney could amend their rules and exact a proclamation that promulgates that Esmeralda is indeed a legit Disney Princess. Oh well? Maybe in 50 years? Anything is possible.


  1. At some point I’m sure Disney will adjust their “requirements” and give Esmeralda the title of princess. It took them so many years to create an African American one and even still the stereotypes remain.

  2. i solely tink dat disney should add esmeralda as one of the princesses.she dservs it.disney please

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