Best depressing indie and alternative rock tracks

I’ve always wanted to get into more genres of music. I’ve tried to embrace Soul, R&B, Country, and some Rock, but have failed to actually digest any of it. I am, however, quite partial to Pop, Alternative Rock, Indie and old school Hip Hop. I can switch from Britney Spears to Oasis to Elliot Smith and back to the Wu-Tang Clan with ease.

With that said, I do have a special preference when it comes to listening to music. I’m totally bounded to depressing indie and alternative rock ballads. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but it’s like crack cocain for me. I can listen to it for long periods of time without feeling emotionally depleted or lethargic.

Maybe it’s the writer in me? Or maybe, inside my bubbly exterior, I have a tormented soul that could only permeate outside if I listen to sappy songs about someone’s life being pregnant with anguish. Eh. I don’t really know.

Nonetheless, i’m addicted to this brand of music. I’ve been addicted to it since sixth grade and this aspect of me will never change. Anyways, i’ve compiled a semi-comprehensive list of depressing indie and alternative rock tracks that i’m sure can lull someone into a gloomy trance. Hopefully?

1.) The Decemberists- “Engine Driver”

2.) Elliot Smith-“Can’t make a sound”

3.) The Verve-“On your own”

4.)Travis-“Writing to reach you”

5.) The Verve-“History”

6.) Coldplay-“Trouble”

7.)Oasis-“Talk to you tonight”


9.) Oasis-“Cast no shadow”

10.) Vast- “We will meet again”


12.)Radiohead-“How to dissappear completely”

13.) Smashing Pumpkins-“Blank Page”

14.)Semisonic-“Made to last”

15.)Collective Soul-“Forgiveness”

16.) Richard Ashcroft-“Break the night with Colour”

17.)Vertical Horizon-“Best I ever had”

18.) Remy Zero-“Perfect memory”

19.)Switchfoot-“Learning to Breath”

20.) Oasis-“Stop crying your heart out”

21.)The Fray-“Never say never”

22.) Christina Perri-“Jar of Hearts”

23.)Thirteen Senses-“Into the fire”

24.)Audioslave-“Like a stone”

25.)Audioslave-“I am the highway”

26.)Paloalto-“Going going gone”


28.) Whitfield-“Wait”


30.)Rhett Miller-“Come around”

31.) Puddle of Mud-“Blurry”

32.) Fuel-“Bad day”

33.)Fuel-“Falls on me”

34.) Linkin Park-“In the end”

35.) Fuel-“Empty Spaces”

36.) Linkin Park-“Waiting for the end”

37.) Howie Day-” You and a promise”

38.)Travis-“Pipe Dreams”

39.) The Doves-“M62 Song”

40.) Ringside-“Tired of being sorry”

41.) Death Cab for Cutie-“I will follow you into the dark”

42.) Nada Surf-“Inside of Love”

43.) Norfolk & Western-” The shortest stare”

Ofcourse, this is not a complete list. I am always receptive into hearing new stuff (albeit depressing) and if any of you have any suggestions for me. Please comment below.


  1. Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke
    Mumford & Sons – Thistles & Weeds
    Florence + The Machine – Hardest of Hearts, Landscape, Remain Nameless
    Lana Del Rey – Born To Die, Carmen, Dark Paradise
    The Dead Weather – Rolling In On A Burning Tire
    Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

  2. D At Sea – All Over
    A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera – Say Something
    Boys Like Girls – Learning To Fall
    Five For Fighting – All I Know
    Mayday Parade – The Memory
    Sarah McLachlan – Angel
    Paramore – Franklin

  3. So this topic is really old, but if you ever get this message, check out ‘A Slow Descent’ by ‘Straylight Run’

  4. I’m happy to see Death Cab for Cutie up there, and I love I Will Follow you into the Dark. Of course, IWFYITD was one of the more popular ones, but i think there are a few more of theirs that could be top 15 easy.
    -Tiny Vessels
    -The Ice is Getting Thinner
    -Your Heart is an Empty Room
    -What Sarah Said

  5. I think more credit needs to go to Ben Gibbard, he isnt covered by media much (vocalist/songwriter for Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service). I Will Follow You into the Dark is a great song, but I don’t think it was his most emotional/depressing song. He is (in my opinion) one of the most consistently poetic songwriters i’ve listened to, and he has songs that I think even top I Will Follow You into the Dark in emotional appeal.
    A few include:
    Tiny Vessels
    Title and Registration
    Your Heart is an Empty Room
    What Sarah Said
    The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (the Postal Service)

    I apologize if I posted twice, i wasnt sure if my comment went through.

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