The Paris Hilton Theory: Why Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie have it all

Kim Kardashian recently wed NBA star Kris Humphries in a highly televised event that will eventually premier on the E network. Though this tidbit doesn’t seem to relate to the title at hand, it will soon enough.

Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton used to be best friends.  They grew up together, and were seen in millions of pictures togethers from ages 6 years old well into their early twenties. If you are an avid pop culture enthusiast and scrutinized each image floating around the web, you will notice that Paris ALWAYS positioned herself at the forefront of most pictures. Kim and Nicole were always basking in the background, while Paris flaunted herself as the “prettier” friend.

If you’ve read my previous blog entries than you’ve probably skimmed through my past entry on the beauty standard drastically changing as of the last few years. The whole theory that being really tall, fair skinned, blond and blue-eyed is the beauty standard has quickly fell apart. Women of different ethnic origins, with fuller figures, darker skin and even petite frames are currently ( and hopefully forever) the beauty standard.

Paris Hilton’s time was up, thankfully. Both Paris and Kim had lewd sex tapes that propelled them to the top, but it was Kim who had staying power. Kim is more attractive than Paris and a lot more smarter at marketing herself. Nicole also has more staying power than Paris since she’s still well talked about in several tabloids ( but in a more positive light, like Kim).

Kim was smart enough not to do drugs, drink like a fish and help her family get in the spotlight. Unlike Paris. Miss Hilton was too busy sniffing cocain, trying to run over common folk and warding off a jail sentence.  While Paris was making a consistent disgrace with her life and make believing with herself that she’s the beauty standard, her friends Kim and Nicole were too busy cleaning up their act. Nicole Richie, who is half African American and white, was heavily influenced by Paris to do drugs and partake in breaking the law in several occassions.

If you look at past pictures, Paris clung close to her when Nicole was the overweight friend. But after Richie dropped the pounds, and developed a svelt figure, did more attention swing over to Nicole—thus Paris didn’t want to be near the “prettier” friend.  Later on, Nicole broke away from her drug addiction, became a succesful fashion designer and an immiment philanthropist. Nicole was smart enough to drop Paris fast and move on with her life. She knew in her heart, she had it all the whole time and didn’t need to be second fiddle to someone who was beneath her the whole time.

Kim did the same thing. She dropped Paris fast after she was behaving rather jealously over Kim’s rise to fame. Like Nicole Richie, Kim is heavily devoted to charity work and with helping her ethnic origin ( Armenia) develop stronger peace tactics with U.S aid. Nicole, like Kim, is married and very happy with life. She even has two kids and a very stable life.

Paris, on the other hand, is still a stray cat looking for someone to keep her indoors. If you read her Wikipedia page, it sadly displays how Paris is crossing fingers that some man will make her a wife and as soon as her pleas are heard, she gets kicked to the curb. It’s pathetic, really. She’s begged like 10 men to marry her and she gets rejected, dejected, and permanently ignored. Nicole and Kim never begged since they were confident and happy with themselves. Men went after them because they can smell a confident and realistically beautifull woman from miles away.

The Paris Hilton Theory which may not seem obvious after reading this entry is that karma is a bitch. Paris was obviously never a good friend to Nicole or Kim, mainly hanging out with them to make herself out to be the prettier friend. Kim and Nicole were always prettier than Paris, but didn’t have the confidence before to stand up to her. Kim and Nicole have it all, thanks to confidence and by loving themselves. Paris Hilton doesn’t have it all, and is still waiting for some Tom, Dick or Harry to propose to her. Just so she can feel loved by anything besides her beloved Tinkerbell ( toy dog).

This theory can easily spawn into uneven friendships too. Are you a woman and have a “best friend” who steals your spotlight and is only friends with you just to make herself out as the prettier friend? I’m lucky not to have that anymore but I did for 9 years. I guess I was Kim Kardashian (minus any sex tapes) and like Kim, threw out Paris as quickly as I could.


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