New to the D.C/Maryland/Virginia area and bored? Here’s a guide on having a life

The Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia area is home to thousands of new  transplants. It’s hard not to bump into someone from New Jersey or Ohio in this region. After an initial meet-and-greet,  I realize that several transplants don’t take advantage of the area’s many splendors.  Even young adults– those who were born and raised in the area–  waste their time on the following:

  • Eating fast food
  • Netflix/Redbox
  • Watching TV at home, all alone
  • Reading a book
  • Quiet dinner or potluck with a few friends
  • Clubbing in Dupont Circle, by Kay street, etc.

After mingling, socializing and even chilling with some new DMV residents; I often get flustered with them for not breaking out of their daily routines to enjoy life. Even if DMV peeps aren’t bored and  have close friends, it gets monotonous just staying indoors and drinking coffee with the same old crew.

 When young adults are in their early or late twenties/ thirties,  many tend to feel that life is too long and vast. Meaning, there’s plenty of time to live life so why start now? It’s a pity that  some waste their youth on watching too much T.V, perusing their new I-pad or frequently resting at home and immaturely call that a hobby. It’s not only a dormant way to expend one’s free time, it’s also a threshold for premature obesity, a shortened attention span and even catching depression. If you think this sounds bad, there are even worser ways some young adults in the area waste their time.

 There are others who venture into more underscored vices, e.g., doing  or dealing drugs ( yes, marijuanna counts as a drug), drinking too much, sleeping around, lying, stealing and creating drama. 

I admit that I used to watch alot of T.V when I was younger but I could never condone  anyone who waste their youth and time on any of these aforementioned  vices.  The media, peer pressure and sheer boredom subjugates several young adults ( even young professionals) in their twenties into throwing away their time like that. I truly don’t get it.

This region has alot to do besides drinking, clubbing, and staying at home all the time. If you are reading this entry and have ( still are) engaging heavily in these vices then I hope this obtrusive article not only offends you but sways you into foraying into the activities listed below (Click on links for actual locations in the area, hope this helps narrow down a location for you. Also this list was compiled due to an objective Google search and doesn’t personally reflect my own personal hobbies or interests):

1.) Take a Hip Hop class.

2.) Join a Social Sports club.

3.) Stretch your body out with Yoga.

4.) Join your local YMCA.

5.) Indoor or Outdoor rock climbing classes.

6.) Bike around D.C.

7.) Join the 20/30’2 Meet-up Group sponsored by J.T Yaung.

8.) Take a cooking class.

9.)  Read 100 best classics of the 20th Century.

10.) Learn a craft like crocheting or making jewelry.

11.) Go to indie shows at the 9:30 club.

12.) Hike at Great Falls.

14.) Take a Tennis Lesson.

15.) Get involved in politics.

16.) Be a mentor.

17.) Learn a foreign language, like Spanish.

18.)Take an Art class.

19.) Go horseback riding at Waredaca.

20.) Learn to ski or snowboard the bunny hills.

21.) Take an ice skating class.

23.)  Take a Belly Dancing course.

24.) Get into Haute Cuisine, and fine dine in the DMV area.

25.) Try Ziplining.

26.) Learn a life skill.

27.) Travel

28.) Take the metro everywhere.

29.) Join a Civic Group.

30.) Take an acting course.

31.) Wine Tasting.

32.) Professionals in  the City.

33.) Visit all the DMV festivals, every weekend.

34.) Take motorcycle lessons.

35.) Run a marathon.

36.) Take up fencing.

37.) Be an online writer.

38.) Take up fishing.

39.) Take swimming lessons.

40.) Golf or putt-putt.

41.) Martial Arts.

42.) Hit up a shooting range.

43.) Run around the area.

44.) Hang glide, sky dive, paraglide.

45.) Take an acting course.

46.) Learn to play guitar or piano.

47.) Archery.

48.) Master obscure board games

49.) Learn to dance Ballet, break dance, swing dance, tango, and waltz.

50.) Billiards

51.) Caligraphy

52.) Chess

53.) poetry writing

54.) scrapbooking

55.) Blogging

56.)  Sewing

57.) Sign Language

58.) Speed Reading

59.) Paint ball

60.) Discover foreign cinema or classic films.

61.) Follow a bucket list or follow your OWN bucket list.

62.) Visit every museum in the area.

Though this is a very extensive and exhaustive list, not everyone has the same interests so I am sure there are items here that will peak someone’s interest. I also want to make a very important note that you don’t need to do any of these hobbies with friends.  I know that sounds kind of harsh but ( and you can’t deny this too) people tend to FLAKE and CANCEL on you, even if they have a good reason. Please don’t depend on other people and just GO FOR IT. Take that ice skating lesson alone and even try to crochet on your own too.

I learned, the hard way, that you need to take advantage of your precious time and just learn as much as you can along the way. Even if people are laughing at you for taking that archery class or for you to even consider that cooking class. Just do it!


  1. You may have not intended to do so, but I believe you might have managed to express the state of mind that a lot of people are in. The sense of wanting to assist, but not knowing how or in which, is a thing a lot of us are going through.

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  5. This is a wonderful list you’ve compiled, however I have just one complaint. Most of the things on this list cost money, and if you’re a twenty something just trying to get started in life, you aren’t necessarily going to have funds to splurge on that rock climbing class. So it makes sense that many people our age wait until later in life to do some of the things that are listed above. When a person is better established and not worried about next months rent, the time and resources to indulge in such activities makes sense.


    1. Hi Frankie,

      This article is solely directed to twenty-somethings in the DMV. This particular area has a higher concentration of successful yuppies with money to burn. Since experiential wealth is a big fad;Naturally, these twenty-somethings can afford many activities from my comprehensive list. Later on in life, health problems start to take effect, and starting families tends to eat up whatever money is saved up. Carpe Diem.

      – Sherryn

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