Foods full of hidden sugars: And yes, it’s a long list

The United States is well known for it’s high obesity rate. The main culprits the most citizens know behind this heinous crime is fast food chains, overly processed foods, and sugar. Some people who have bursting waist lines hit the gym and try to watch what they eat. They tend to skimp off dessert, avoid carbs and run until their feet turn to mush on their treadmills.

Sadly enough, there have been failed diets due to the fact that sugar is an extremely addictive substance. I’m not sure exactly what makes sugar so addictive but after taking one bite out of a brand new Snicker bar, it is hard to out it away. Even if some dieters are able to abstain from partaking in any sugary goodness, there are “healthy” foods that do contain a high amount of sugar in them.

What? Some may gasp. Healthy, even low-fat foods contain sugar in them? You are lying.

I wish I was lying, but i’m not. It pains me to to say this but sugar is an addictive substance found in ALOT of foods. Here’s my comprehensive list on so-called healthy foods with hidden–if not–too much sugar in it:

1.)  Vitamin Water

2.) Cough syrup and baby formula

3.) Breads and Bagles

4.) Salad ingredients and dressings

5.) Apple Sauce ( especially Motts)

6.) Breakfast Cereals

7.) Sweet Potatoe recipes chock-full of sugar

8.) Cocktail Mixers

9.) Starbucks Yogurt Parfait

10.) Luna Bar

11.) Subway sweet teriyaki chicken sandwich

12.) Yoplait original yogurt

13.) Craisins

14.) Coca Cola

15.) Jamba Juice

16.) Fuit Juice ( has the most sugars, sometimes worse than dessert)

17.) Salt

18.) Tomato Sauce

19.) Canned Meats

20.) Ice cream

21.) lip gloss

22.) canned vegetable juice

23.) cough drops

24.) pan cake mixes

25.) breakfast bars

26.) bread mixes

27.) soup mixes

28.) yogurt

29.) dried fruit

30.) protein powder

31.) Red Wine

32.) Chewing Gum

33.) Relish

34.) Mustard

35.) Canned Soups

36.) Canned Fruits

37.) Rolls

38.) Pudding

39.) Breads

40.) Bacon

41.) Waffle Mixes

and the rest of this ridiculously long list can be read here.

I guess the whole point of this article is to expose hidden sugars found in daily items that people consume without second guessing. I don’t really understand the need to add sugar in any of these items. Why not just replace it with xylitol or some kind of fake sweetener like Splenda or Truvia? Our high obesity rate is linked to these sneaky sugars. 

Moreover, the truth pains me. I really like to eat bacon and I love to drink V8 ( canned vegetable juice are full of sugar). Now, I have to cut back on so many wonderful foods that I thought didn’t have so much sugar. I’m glad to have found this out now versus when I am in my 60’s suffering with diabetes and losing a foot over this.

If you know of anyone on a diet, who will be on a diet or who is diabetic. Please send and link this article to as many people as you can. Let’s expose the hidden sugars before they impose others into living lives struck with sugar-related illnesses.

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