Why are most of the Golden Girls dying off? End of the world, perhaps..

Does anyone else find it really strange that most ( not all) of the main cast of the acclaimed TV show “The Golden Girls” have been dying of, in sequential order? Seriously!

I get that they are old and it’s their time. But I find it very strange that ever since 2008, each member has been croaking from that show. Why?

Has anyone else noticed that around the time  cast members were dying off that one of the main stars, Betty White’s fame has been skyrocketing? She wasn’t this well-liked in 2007 but after 2008 she’s been getting exceedingly more popular. Hmmmmm…

 Now, Let’s start off with the first death. Estelle Getty, who played Sofia— the cranky but sardonic octogenerian — died July 22, 2008. She suffered from Lewy Body dementia and was slowly losing her sanity after the show went off the air.  I digress, it’s funny to point out that she was actually one of the youngest members of the show but looked the oldest.

All of that makeup she had caked on really fooled viewers into thinking she’s an 80-something years old  midget mom who bore a non-jolly-full Giant ( Dorothy). Anyways, it was Getty’s death that started off the whole  ‘Who’s going to die next from the TV show Golden Girls’ trend. I’m so not the only one guilty of this too.  I know I wasn’t the only one who played this introspective game, there were others across the globe who had similiar thoughts like me.

Little did I know back then that this was going to be a yearly game that I would be  mentally playing for the next three years. By 2009, Bea Arthur who played dry but responsible Dorothy sbornak died on April 25. She suffered from long bouts with cancer but died peacefully at home. On the show, Dorothy played Sofia’s daughter and viewers, aside from me, liked the dichotomoy between both of their heights. Extremely tall ( 6-ft-Arthur) against someone extremly short ( 5-ft-Getty).  If you watched the show and pretended they were all real characters, one may think: how did such a little lady bore…that?

Anyways, before 2010 I thought this was a coincidence. But by 2010, this sick pattern was making more sense to me now. Rue Mclanahan, who played Blanche the southern hussy, died June third of that year.  Mclanahan was a breast cancer survivor but passed away due to suffering yet another stroke.Okay, I am going to stray from the topic one more time. I know they that say that actors and actresses are only playing a made-up character on TV but Wikipedia did say Mclanahan had 6 husbands.

I don’t know maybe art imitates real life sometimes. Was one husband not enough for her? Did she want to compete against the late great Elizabeth Taylor?

By 2010, it was the year of Betty White. I think around then she hosted SNL due to a Facebook campaign and won more emmys to collect dust with her other emmys from like 50 years ago. Betty White also garnered the nickname by the media as, “The last Golden Girl.” I’m sure she’s really sad about her close on-and-off screen friends passing away in sequential order but has she ever came across any insidious thoughts that 2011 may be her last year? Well, it would make sense since Getty, Arthur and then Mclanahan said farewell to planet earth.

We’re more than three-fourths done with 2011 and no Golden Girl has died this year—or so we think.

Andrew Gold, who created the theme song for the Golden Girls, died June 3 of this year in his sleep. He was being treated for renal cancer and was just two months shy of his 60th birthday. Betty White is safe for now.

But 2012 is coming up soon and this is where the latter half of my blog title: Why are most of the Golden Girls dying off? End of the world, perhaps, theory comes to play. Don’t people joke that the world is ending by 2012?

(Keep in mind, this is not a serious entry and everything I am saying is in facetious jest). What if Betty White’s possible death in 2012 starts the end of the world?  The most beloved TV actress to date, is the last Golden Girl. The last. As in 2012 is the last year before the end.

Unless the actor who plays Stanley, Dorothy’s husband croaks or the creator of the show passes away, Betty White is up for grabs by the grim reaper next year. I don’t think there is a strong enough Facebook campaign out there to stop it. So, what is everyone’s thoughts? Will Betty White live past 2012 and stay with us until 2025? Will Betty White pass away in 2012. Or will Betty White live forever while we die before her since she’s too awesome for words.

Please comment below your thoughts, feelings and jokes about this matter. Thank you.


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  4. Disturbing piece. Betty is turning 91 and thankfully is still with us. By the way, Herb Edelman (Stanley) died in 1996 – so truth be told, he died very early at 62. The pattern you suggest is just life and death.

  5. Finally, someone else sees what I see! I don’t think the world is ending but Betty Whites rise in popularity sure had good timing.

  6. U shouldn’t try to predict anyone death but thanks for the info about these cast members it help out alot

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