In a bad situation? Here’s how to extricate your emotions from it…

Given the political upheavels, sluggish economy and societal ills we face as a nation, it’s hard NOT to be in a bad situation. Even you are rich, beautiful, smart and perfect–no one can ever escape a bad situation. No one.

When a bad situation arises, it puts even the strongest person into a competition between them and their inner thoughts.  Thoughts like :I can’t believe this is happening to me, my life pales in comparison since nothing will ever be the same,may run rampant but it’s really up to the person to not let it infect their day-to-day living.

I found this great article from a hub page titled ” How to make the best of a situation” and it breaks dealing with a bad situation into three categories: Find something good in it, Get moral support and keep pressing on.

Even though this article succinctly helps it doesn’t fully engage someone down-in-the dumps into truly extricating their emotions from a bad situation and into thinking objectively about spending the rest of their lives wisely. In Economics, there is a term called “opportunity cost”  that can actually go into what I am trying to say.

Opportunity cost is the decisions and choices you make that go into results that can impact you. Sounds confusing? Okay, let me break it down to you. Let’s say that McDonalds has a free burger day and a long line forms for it. You are craving a burger all day and feel that this is such a good deal that you go to McDonalds, and sacrifice two hours of work.

Well, this would be an example of making use of a poor decision since if you stayed at work you would’ve made more money to compensate for a $1 burger. Basically, the decisions you make impact you and it’s best to make wise ones that will engender awesome results. Now, this term comes into play when it comes to extricating your emotions from a bad situation.

When a bad situation arises, naturally, some people like to: pout, cry, whine, waste time and make poor decisions due to unstable emotions. If you take a second and really assess the situation from all angles you will realize that there is always something to be grateful for, no matter how nasty the situation is.

Just write out all your emotions ( do it more than once but less than three times, since that could regress you) and try to find a dichotomy with each emotion that you know you can replace with a useful activity. Also, it’s okay to get your emotions out but it’s not good to feel too much entitlement for wasting your time and energy on it.

Please realize that you hold all the power to live a productive, happy life–inspite of losing your job, dealing with marital/relationship problems, financial and even health problems. Life is precious and there is never enough time to learn French,travel, learn to play rugby or even go to that one concert you’ve always wanted to go to, e.g., BACKSTREET BOYS!

Everyone has the choice to enjoy the moment, if they let it and not let past or present events soil it. When it comes to having a winning personality, it’s not assessed by how a person doesn’t struggle at all but by how they DEAL with life’s problems and over how they OVERCOME them.  You can be a winner. You can be any of these happy animals ( yup, super cute pics, huh!) by choice.

Will power is key and so is positive thinking. Optimists live longer than pessimists, fyi. If you are in a bad situation and beset yourself with pessimestic nay-sayers who want you to dwell into your negative situation, then that will regress you into feeling like a complete loser. Only hang with healthy personalities who think positively and who truly care about you as a friend. Cut out people who want you to dwell in the bad! I did that in the summer of 2010 and have seen a much positive shift happen in my life.

Anytime I feel like a bad situation is arising, I validate my emotions, only talk to positive people and cross stuff off my bucket list ( it’s uber long). The motivation to accomplish dreams and goals keep me going and helps me extricate negative emotions. I also try to MAINLY write positive things in a journal since only writing about negative aspects will keep me down. By writing positive entries, I feel positive.

Lastly, it’s okay to smile. Smiling and exercising has been proven to give you more endorphins in your body. You hold the power to extricate your emotions from a bad situation ( sometimes it’s hard to FIX your bad situation). Will you do it?

Do you have an oppossing or affirming view on this post? Please comment below about your own personal experiences dealing with bad situations and with emotionally rising above them. 🙂


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