Dirty Soap: Why Farah Fath is my favorite character

Does anyone in the blogosphere watch the new E show “Dirty Soap”? I know I am not the only one since Dirty Soap’s Facebook page and twitter account is inundated with thousands of followers.  I normally don’t watch reality shows since I only watch the following on a weekly basis : Days of our lives, Community, Parks and Recreation and The Office. Yes, I am a fervent lover of anything on NBC.

On the contrary, I watch only one show on the E channel, which is “Dirty Soap”. Most of the stars on the show were from “Days of our Lives” and growing up, i’ve always been curioused over the soap stars personal lives. I’ve always wanted to know if these actors/ actresses were just like the characters they played.

After watching the first episodes, I realize that some of these characters were not what I thought they were from when I have previously seen them on “Days of our Lives”.  I was surprised after watching the show, that I am a hard-core Farah Fath fan.  She’s pretty much the only reason why I watch the show since she’s the one character I feel like is the most relate-able to the average, every day person.

She has friendship struggles just like everyone else, relationship problems that are actually legit and is very, brutally honest. She plays no games and is very straight-forward. Watching her is simply a breath of fresh air since I feel like we can all relate to her.  She has her confident moments and her not-so confident moments, but is the one person on the show ( in my opinion) who holds nothing back.

She shows no apprehensiveness over her emotions, feelings or thoughts. She could careless what people view her as on TV and puts it all out. She has no veneer over being better than anyone else and is simply living life and just trudging through her own trials and tribulations. Not to mention, her fashion sense is kick-ass and I like her sardonic sense of humor.

Though I also like other actors/ actresses on the show, she’s the only one in my opinion who keeps my interest the longest. Even if you are not a Soap Opera fan, just watch it because of Farah. She’s as real as it can get.

Follow Farah Fath on Twitter: @farahandJP

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