My Boots Cosmetics Makeover With Rachel: Part 1

Boots Cosmetics is a world-reknowned company that had its humbling start in the U.K. It’s array of powders, lipsticks and moistrurizers have not only transformed women’s faces into something scintillating but has abetted in providing that extra confidence a woman needs during the day.

Albeit, confidence is truly innate and can be found in loving oneself, hobbies and finding a great social group who nurtures each other but by taking pride in your external features, your innate confidence emanates unto anyone you meet, touch or connect with.

Though I do pride myself in taking care of myself ( working out, eating healthy and dressing appropriately given the situation) I was never adept at applying eyeshadow, lining my eyelids with eyeliner and with picking out the right foundating for my mocha skin tone.

Thank God I am very good friends with Rachel Shelton, who gives free makeovers at the Target by Rockville (5700 Bou Avenue, Rockville, MD). In my tight circle of girlfriends, we’ve all proclaimed Rachel as the stylish one who knows how to apply her makeup.

As a person who is barely astute in applying any kind of makeup on, it’s good to have friends with special gifts like that.  I recently visited Rachel this week, and she was nice enough to give me a full makeover on my face. She knows I am a complete novice when it comes to makeup so she gave me step-by-step pointers so I wouldn’t feel claustrophic in her quiant makeup corner.


What you see in this picture are dark undereye circles, dry skin and an uneven skintone. Rachel saw all of that immediately and gracefully applied Number 7 products to enhance my best features and to smooth out rough patches here and there.

For starters: Rachel  applied  Moisture Quench Daycream to smooth my skin, Stay Perfect Cocoa foundation to even my uneven tones,  Quick Cover ( Dark) concealor to hide my undereye circles and Honey Blush to give my cheeks an apple bottom glow.

There after, Rachel worked 4-5 different eye brushes to accentuate my eyes. She used Boots Cosmetic’s Emerald, Khaki and Fudge, and she was able to blend, shape and highlight areas around my eyes that I didn’t know could be enhanced. Go Rachel!


Lastly, she selected a limited edition Poppy Thing ” Seduction” lip stick and High Shine Brilliance in Berry gloss on my dry, tired lips.


Voila! Rachel Shelton is a miracle worker! If you want a free makeover like mine, come visit her at Target (5700 Bou Avenue, Rockville, MD) Wednesday through Sunday.

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