The Christina Perri Haircut: Here’s where to get it cheap in Maryland

  Christina Perri is a severely tatooed pop star whose most famous for her tune “Jar of Hearts”. If you don’t listen to the radio or watch VH1 then I doubt you will even know who I am talking about. If you do listen to the radio or watch VH1 and still don’t know who she is, than there is something wrong with you because she’s kinda awesome.

Her song “Jar of Hearts” is’s song of the year. If this website held web 2.0 awards every year like the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal or any other news medium– hmm, I think i’m getting a bright idea–than Christina Perri’s song, which garnered mass attention from the show So you think you can dance, would win a Sherryn Daniel’s Blog award.

 I’m not sure it would carry much merit against a 2011 Baltimore Sun Mobbies win but it’s kind of cute, in a fan-obsessed sorta way?

Anyways, i’m clearly a strong fan of hers. Her album lovestrong is definitely at the top of my Christmas wishlist this year and I am also totally digging her swag. She dresses up like an adult Avril Lavign sans the pseudo-punk/fake bad-ass vibe that Lavign is well known for.

Speaking of swag, what I love most about her is her lovely locks. She has thick, bouncy hair cut in a cute yet fun way. It’s trendsetting since bleached part of her hair and that’s not something you see everyday. Morever, her haircut is alot more eye-opening and perkier than the Alice Cullen haircut of 2010 ( which I did, fyi).

Because I am a Christina Perri fan and am known for copying celebrity hairstyles, I decided to find a location near where I lived to get a Christina Perri haircut for under $20 bucks. As difficult as it sounds to get a trend-setting hairdo for that price, it’s not as  hard as you think.

I found this Barbershop that did both men and female hairstyles. If you go to the barbershop in Burtonsville ( 15512 Old Columbia Pike  Burtonsville, MD 20866) and ask for Nick, he’s more than adept at copying any actor/actress or pop star hairstyle. He only charges $16 and personally ensures you get the perfect haircut. Whereas, your local Hair Cuttery (Burtonsville location) will botch up your hair and treat you with umbrage and disdain for even asking for a haircut to begin with.

Typically, high-end salons charge between $80- 250 for hairstyles typical to what women would want, e.g., a Christina Perri, Jennifer Anistan, Reese Witherspoon, or even Halle Berry. Nonetheless, there are skilled hairstylists in locations that people won’t expect.

Other than stylish celebrity haircuts, you can get wonderful star treatment ( eyebrows, nails, pedicures) at Nail Art by Kim (15502 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866-1634 ). All the other nail locations surrounding the area don’t compare in price, treatment, and personable manners. This is the only location, from my experience, that not only treats you like a popstar but ensures you DONT have to pay a pop star price. I typically go there to get my eyebrows done and only pay a fraction of the cost in comparison to other nail boutiques.

The reason I bring up Nail Art by Kim is because they put so much effort into making sure you get exactly what you want for a minimal price. I wanted my eyebrows to have a specific slant and look as professionally done as possible and they did it, perfectly. A great haircut ( Christina Perri) pairs well with an amazing eyebrow wax job.

For both services combined, you only need to pay $24 ( excluding tip) and you get $150 worth of  high-end services. For a few hours today, I felt like Christina Perri and lavished in her supposed pop-star treatment she gets in Los Angelas, New York or even Madrid.

My haircut

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