Check out Graeters new Blog

 Graeters not only has ice cream fans but they also have strong social media fans ( such as myself). Because of Graeter’s strong connection with their online ( as well as offline) fans, they created this really adorable blog.

I just perused the blog and totally enjoyed reading stories from Graeters fans in the Midwest ( and hopefully from the East coast, Maryland to be precise). My favorite story on the blog came from Dale K, from Grand Rapids, MI.  His daughter Kelsey and her husband Jay replaced their wedding cake with an array of Graeters flavors.

Here is an excerpt:

Graeter’s wonderfully replaced wedding cake at our daughter Kelsey’s wedding! Her groom, Jay, grew up loving Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip as a favorite Cincinnati Food and they had their hearts set on serving Graeter’s – instead of wedding cake – at their wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Read the rest here.
Aside from interesting entries, this blog is a great way for fans to  get Graeter’s News straight from the source about grocery store expansion, seasonal ice cream flavors, bakery and candy items as well as other Graeter’s news you won’t find anywhere else on the website.

 Graeters will also feature “Ice Cream Stories” that come straight from fans who complete a form on their website.

I’ve been a Graeters fan since December of 2010 and have proudly swayed close to 30 people in my hometown in Silver Spring Maryland to choose Graeters as their ice cream of choice.  I’ve written a few entries about my love of Graeters and have also hosted a rather succesful Ice cream party at a good friend’s house. If you want to read more of my past entries, read and click below.

1.) Ohio: Decadent treats in an unexpected place

If you drive two hours away from Cleveland Ohio, you reach Columbus. And my oh my, you hit a region jam-packed with Graeters ice cream. I am not much of fan of ice cream, more like a hardcore enemy ..Read the rest here.

2.) We need Graeters in Maryland, Pronto!

Alcoholics, smokers and other addicts tend to suffer from withdrawal effects if they aren’t able to satisfy their inner desires. Withdrawal symptoms stem from shaking, sweating and anxiety. Addiction and withdrawel symptoms don’t  always have to spring from drug usage but it’s also found in not feeding an inherent infatuation for–Read the rest here.

3.) Gourmet Ice Cream Social Featuring Graeters Icecream

Anyways, I presented my friends and their guests 12 flavors ranging from peanut butter, coconut, butter pecan, vanilla with chocolate chunks all the way down to Graeter’s creme of the crop, their black raspberry chip.

I was quite shocked that my guests…Read the rest here.

What’s not to love about Graeters? They not only make delicious ice cream that gourmet foodies, celebs and every-day average people love but are also social media saavy! Kudos to a great brand 🙂

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