Holiday Fashion Fierce: How to Dress to Impress at Holiday Parties

This is the season to be jolly fashionista; do you know how you will do it this holiday season? If you are uncertain, we are here to help. Read below to find out how you can be sexy, classy and fierce for all your holiday parties.

Not every party is the same.

 It is crucial that you realize not every holiday party is the same. Some holiday parties are casual while other holiday parties are tremendously formal. Make sure you ask the host what type of attire you should wear. A formal holiday party, you should wear a figure fitting dress with a hint of glam.

 Do not let it be too tight and short. Do not let it be too baggy or long. Wear a dress that compliments your figure but maintains a little mystery, especially if you are looking to attract a gentleman. 

Less is more. 

For casual parties, tone down the attire a bit. You can wear a casual dress. You can wear jeans and a spunky holiday top. You can wear kaki pants and a stunning sweater. Speaking of sweaters, wear a sweater dress. You can not go wrong with a sweater dress!

Be comfortable 

No matter the party, make sure you are comfortable from head to toe.  Cute flats or low-heel shoes will keep you chic and comfortable for the party and the after-party. Dance the night away. You do not want to be the girl known for going home with sore and injured feet. Do not be that chick. 

For more lifestyle enrichment tips (including jewelry accessories and makeup) check us out and stay tune to our guest blogs on Sherryn Daniel’s Blog . Let us know how your holiday party fashion goes!

By Briana Booker

Briana Booker is the creator of Fromgirltogirl which is a refreshing lifestyles enrichment magazine & public relation company that promotes healthy community development and empowers girls. Check out her website as well as well as for more guest entries by her.

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