Want to give back this holiday season? Join Junior League of Baltimore then

                                                                                                  It’s a shame that this holiday season is saturated with a poor economy, troubling politics and job insecurities. Though this holiday season is known for giving presents to loved ones, eating well and reconnecting with family members. Most people do forget that this is the season to give back to your community.

Charity work strenghthens human morality, gives purpose and helps communities. It’s better than giving someone a brand name sweater since what you really give back is time, patience and effort into doing good.

With that said, next year marks the 100th anniversary of the Junior League of Baltimore organization and for the past 99 years ( its still 2011, fyi), this wonderful non-profit has been rebuilding lives, giving children purpose and has been creating solidarity amongst women of different classes, races and beliefs.

Instead of buying a loved one something that will be probably used once, why not get someone you love a membership and an opportunity to do good in their community?  Click here to learn more about membership to this great organization and about special events happening for Jr. Leaguers..

Interested? Want to meet the ladies who make this great organization possible? Well come to their Open House December 17th from 10 a.m to 12 p.m and click here to RSVP!!   

Being a member of the Junior League of Baltimore is the gift that keeps on giving—all year long!!

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  1. Trust me you are preaching to the choir. I can’t get into the holiday spirit. It is kind of tough to get into Christmas when you see a nation divided in against self. (As they say a house divided will fall.) I’ve been going into the mall and I feel numb. Never entirely felt like this, but I like Thanksgiving better. I think people are more sincere and kind. From a religious view-Christmas (Jesus gave humankind the chance at more, born in a small run down stable). Thousands of years later Christmas was just that a chance to be thankful and get together for large parties, good food, and company (no gifts).

    I think that Christmas in itself is better left for kids to see how happy they are. Cheer them up! Projects like alternative Christmas (fair trade, angel tree, and helping out nonprofits) are a great way to remember the spirit of Christmas. But that is just me!

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