100,000 hits:The greatest blog party that ever existed in the blogsphere!

2012 Vietnamese Luna New Year held in Montgomery Blair High School.

    Okay, I am exaggerating. It was an awesome blog party but I doubt it was the greatest one that ever existed in the blogsphere. Nonetheless, you’re still reading this entry? Right?

Eh… Read on regardless.  Anyways, Last Saturday was Sherryn Daniel’s Blog’s 100K party. Before celebrating, I went over to Pet Valu to meet Cesar Milan aka the Dog Whisperer ( blog entry about that encounter will be blogged about in a latter date). I swear, there were people there from 6:30 a.m, with their obedient dogs in well ordered cues.

I slacked and came over around 12:00 p.m and had to like park a street away from the festivities ( parking lot was clogged worse than an ancient toilet).  I brought my bestie ( Dennis Tran, Love guru to Engineers in the DMV area) and after surveying our surroundings, decided to head back to MoCo to catch the Vietnamese New Years event held in Montgomery Blair High School.

No, I did not eat Pho. It's a soup-based dish full of duck organs and sausages. To the right of my delish' soup is a tapiocoa dessert that has chunks of yam and a slight coconut taste to it

  At the festival: I ate new dishes, conversed with people I knew, watched a miss Vietnam Competition and got alot of free pens. I love free pens!  Aftwards, I dropped bestie off and prepared for my blogstravaganza!  I baked seven layer bars a week prior, and created these nifty gift bags for people.

Anyone who came to my 100K blog party this year walked away with home baked seven layer bars, Milkita (Korean milk candy), chocolate with bacon in it, Korean Lychee flavored candy, thin raspberry mints, and German chocolate cookies.

For this special event, I wore a special green shirt reminiscent of a Japanese Kimono and had my makeup done by Boots Cosmetics Specialist Rachel Shelton ( Visit her at the Target in Rockville for a FREE makeover, 5700 Bou Ave, Rockville, MD 20852).

Rachel Rocks! I once saw this barely mineral cosmetics commercial with this gorgeous South Indian girl with shiney green makeup that brings out her killer complexion.  Rachel was nice enough to do something similiar to my face.

At Honeypig in Ellicott City, MD. ( L-R Sherryn, Jill and Rachel).

    Reservations had to be pushed back do to everyone slacking on time. I was  happy that I wasn’t late.

 We all ate at HoneyPig, located in Ellicott City, MD.  The group may have been smaller than my 50K party but sometimes the best parties come from intimate circles.  We all toasted to the best coffee in Ellicott City ( since its sweet and free), ate bulgogi, pig belly and all sorts of Korean-based side dishes.

Gift bags consisted of: Home baked 7 layers bars, german cookies, lychee candies, Milkita, chocolates, raspberry chocolate mints, etc.

 After we all stuffed ourselves silly at Honeypig, we took a brisk walk to Centennial Karaoke.  Sucks for us that there was a 25 minute wait, but lucky for us that there were pool tables next door.

So we all played pool for a cool 20 minutes. I
failed at playing pool since my hands just didnt want to aim right. It was fun nonetheless.
One of my personal highlights was seeing this  obscure fire hazard at the location and seeing the guys duke it out well.
After an arduous wait ( yeah, i’m being facetious), many of us sang our hearts out. Best party ever!

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