Carnival Cruise: What I didnt expect to see


This year has been a year of many firsts. And many of those firsts started and ended on my 7 day cruise from Puerto Rico all the way to the Caribbean islands ( St. Thomas, St. Lucia, St.Kitts, Barbados, and St. Martin).  If you look below, here is a list of my many firsts:

1.) Been to a volcano and had a mud bath.Wanted to start a mud  war but didn’t want to be thrown from the volcano. ( St. Lucia)

2.) Played Shuffleboard and a ‘life size’ game of chess.. in which i gracelessly lost. (Unsure)

3.) Explored an actual rainforest in Puerto Rico and had the bus break down. ( Puerto Rico)

4.) Snorkled and swam away from the other was pretty bad ass.. ( St. Kitts)

5.) Swam in the ocean and I so did not freak out too! ( St. Martin)

6.) Had monkeys thrown on my back ( St. Kitts)

7.) Rode a segway.. and did not fall from it. ( St. Martin)

8.) Explored the ocean via a head-dive expedition.. and lived to see the day ( St. Thomas)

9.) Was in a submarine and saw an extremely ugly eel.. now I can see why the indie band called “The Eels” is really called that.. ( Barbados)

I am sure there were more firsts but they’ve currently escaped my mind as of now.  Aside from my many firsts, I did see some peculiarities on my trip..

This reminded me of a quasi-famous youtube clip. Toby Jones Trunk Rental and Storage facilities.. Look it up, fyi.
I decided not to go in. Only "bitches" go into that bar.

I wish I took more pictures, but then again, it was a vacation. So, I didn’t really have to do that.

Ready for a fight! A mud fight...

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