Aziz Ansari is right, you better ‘treat yo’ self’: And here’s how you can do it on a budget

 Have you ever watched a recent episode of “The Office” and felt like it was kinda blech with the story and ehh with the character plotline? If that is the case, then tune into “Parks and Recreation” instead since each episode will guarantee a chuckle out of your condescending self.

Anyways, if you are a “Parks and Recreation” fan, have you seen that one episode where Aziz Ansari ( as Tom Haverford) devotes an entire day to the spa, shopping and self-indulgent behavior,e.g., makes himself cookies that say ‘treat yo self’, and buys a strangely metro-sexual cashmere sweater that screams elmo.

If you have, then you must know the essence, value and humor behind the expression “Treat yo’ self.”

Though we live in a fast paced society where our time is stretched, mangled and suffocated out of any “me” time I want to ask you this: Don’t we deserve to have time to ourselves?

Stress is the leading cause of so many ailments and can cut such a succesful life short. Sometimes, it’s okay to veg out when you can. However, watching copius amounts of junkfood and watching hours of TV is not the healthiest option.

Why not have a spa day? Like Donna from ‘Parks and Rec’? Eh, I don’t know if you all feel comfortable having random needles stuck on your face. Also, spa’s are quite pricey for those on a moderate to stringent budget.

If you want to treat yo self’ and are on a strict budget, you’re in luck. You just landed on the right website for tips, cheap options and ways for you chill out.

Spa at home

1.) Pedicure: You really don’t need to spend $30 bucks on your lil’ digits to get pampered. Instead, go to your local Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for the following: foot scrub, foot cream, heel scrubber, nail clipper, clear nail polish, white nail polish, clear glitter nail polish, toothpicks, OPI red nailpolish, OPI black nailpolish. It’s kinda self-explanatory about the foot scrub, cream, and heel scrubber – if not, use the scrub/ heel scrubber and cream in that order- but here are some pointers with doing your own pedi at home.

( Directions): Make sure you have ear swabs, and nail polish remover around. Apply the white nail polish along the tips of your toes, like you are giving yourself a french manicure. Wait for that gloop to dry on your toes, then gently dab enough nail polish remover unto your ear swab so you can straighten out your uneven white strips aligned on your itty bitty toes.  Let those bad boys dry  then add a layer of clear polish. Allow enough time to pass, then get your tooth picks and try to make flowers ( use red/black polish) on your bigger toes like this:

After 5-10 minutes, gloss your lil piggy toes with clear glitter polish. Voila, you have a bougie looking pedicure for pennies ( more like quarters, but it’s fine.)                   

2.) Manicure:  Go to Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx and get : cuticle cream, cuticle cutters, hand lotion, nail file/smoother. If you bought pedicure supplie via nailpolish, then you can use that to fix your rigged nails. Simply wear the cuticle cream, use the cuticle cutters to remove excess skin and apply hand lotion to soften rough skin. Then trim your nails, file it evenly, and use the smoother to get rid of ridges and uneveness in your nails. Copy the french manicure/ flower idea from the aforementioned steps on pedicures and you are good to go. You just saved $20 on an extravagant manicure.

The spa beauty experience: I know there’s a cornocopia of websites that detail how you can make your own mudmasks, exfoliatians, and blah blah blah. Well, I think you just need to go to TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls and stores like that to get the following: deep cleansing mask, toner for your face, exfoliation for your face, body salts, body scrub, bubble bath, candles, moisturizer for your face, calming lotion for your body, anti-aging cream for your eyes, lavender bath oils, lavender lotions. Self explanatory I hope. Just treat yo face and body well.

Yoga at home

As I always say, go to Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls to buy a yoga matt ( or anything at all). You can also get a yoga shirt and pants from there if you want to be OCD, but you really dont need to. Just wear comfy work sweats and a snug  tank. Make sure you have calm music playing in the background ( not Linkin Park but maybe some Dido?) and surf Youtube for free yoga clips. Do it before the spa treatment or after, but make sure it’s done. When you stretch your body out, endorphins run amok and that only means happy thoughts in your head.

Food for thought:

Drink of choice: If you can buy Tea of Life’s calming tea, make a batch and drink it. It will not only alleviate any anxiety you may have but will lull you into a calm state. Ahhh, relax.

Snacks: click on this link to get a comprehensive list.


Here’s a list of  INDIE songs you all need to check out. It’s soft-ish, upbeat-ish, and will relax you. Play these songs in the background as you pamper yourself: 

Pete Yorn– Strange Condition, Pete Yorn– Just Another, Starfckr-Rawnald Gregory Erickson the second, Radiohead-How to Disappear completely, Smashing Pumpkins- Spaceboy, Cary Brothers-Alien, The Eels- Woman driving, man sleeping, Richard Ashcroft- Break the night with colour, The Eels- Antfarm, No Doubt- Simple kind of life, Travis- Pipe Dreams, Morissey- Cosmic Dancer, Gavin Rossdale- Love remains the same, Dido-Dont believe in love, Cake- Never there, Bush- The sound of winter, Audioslave- Like a stone, Audioslave- I am the highway.

Reading Materials

You have the option of going to the library for free books or getting dirt-cheap books at your local thrift store. It’s up to you. If you want relax yet stay away, check out the classics. Or better yet, check out these books that are not collecting dust on my desk: The Secret, The Awakening by Kate Choppin, A Streetcar Named Desire, T.S Elliot’s Wasteland, and The Time Traveler’s Wife.


Here’s all the tricks of the trade in having a ‘treat yo self’ day. Instead of splurging a ridiculous amount of cash, these tips will help you stay in a budget given these turbulent times and help you take care of yourself.

Comment below if any of these tips have worked or have failed you miserably. Love to hear from you!


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