Why do people brag about not studying in the U.S?

Growing up, I was surrounded with peers who loved to smear it to everyone’s face how they got an A on an exam they never studied for. Or better yet, talk-up how they put zero effort behind a school-related task and excelled in it. Honestly, it’s people like this that not only keep their peers down but give the U.S a poor reputation when it comes to having smart, scholarly educated residents.

Gone was the respect for someone who studied a clean 5 hours for an exam, honestly. And instead, are often heckled for being “dumb” enough to take time to really learn the material. I really don’t understand why people do this? What’s worse is that these same people who also brag about never studying for the SAT’s and GRE’s also boast hard about getting in the top 10 percentile.

There’s not as much respect for the person with average intelligence who works night and day for the high score. The one person who knows the value behind hard work and being self-sufficient, who often gets berated and chewed up for putting any effort—to begin with.

No wonder the U.S public school system is falling apart, slowly and painfully. This widespread mentality that laziness is rewarded and hardwork means you get punished is utterly disgusting and mendacious. I respect competition based on honesty and hardwork, since those are true American values. Not competition based on genetics or flat out lies.

I have never met a person who talked about studying hard for an exam and I wish I did. I would seriously pat them on the back for not only putting effort but for their sheer honesty. I’ve also met sensitive students to who get heavily bogged by their peers lies and who lose the confidence in themselves to learn the material. Since learning seems to be the uncool thing to do.

Honestly, people who hate learning or who brag about not really studying for anything, get on my last nerves. I think this is my biggest pet peeve since I dislike slackers and liars.

I also want to point out that bragging and lyings are clear signs of insecurity, so if you know of anyone who lies and brags about their stellar grades, maybe you should smile a bit. Atleast you are confident enough to remain honest about your efforts and value working hard for what you believe in.

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