Mardi Gras Celebration Sponsored by BISM and The Polakoff Foundation

I was a volunteer at BISM/The Polakoff Foundation's Mardi Gras event. It was a great way to give back to people who deal with glaucoma/ blindness.

  Last weekend, I had the greatest opportunity to not only volunteer but to attend a fun Mardi Gras event held at the Sheraton in Towons. The event, sponsored by BISM and The Polakoff Foundation, was a fun way to raise money for people who deal with glaucoma or blindness in their lives.

 The event had celebrity bar tenders, yummy hurricane drinks, upbeat music by the Junkyard Saints and creative raffles that give everyone a chance to win something. Prizes ranged from ornate Mardi Gras masks through gift certificates to Fogo De Chao ( best Brazilian BBQ place ever).

 I came around 2:00 p.m to help hang decorations, place table coverings and detangle difficult mardi gras beads. I was so fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most nicest volunteers ever and had a fun time getting to know everyone.

 After a set time, I bought this cute business dress from Maceys ( yay, 1 day sales) and raced back in time to help with the 50/50 raffle. 

 I was happy to find time, in between volunteering, to eat some delectable ettouffe, king cake and decadent dark chocolate.  Aside from dining on scrumptious New Orleans-esque dishes, I had the best  opportunity to get to know alot of employees from BISM and The Polakoff Foundation.

 Each and every one of them, were very passionate about what their job entails and about helping others before themselves. It’s not everyday you get to meet so many selfless individuals compacted into one room. I was in awe over their colorful personalities, vibrant work stories and about their views on a better tomorrow for people who have onset blindess/glaucoma.

Little do most people know that people with disabilities can live full lives and have sharp intellects. When some people think of someone else having a disability, they often think that they are invalids or that they can’t live functioning lives. Boy, are these people wrong.

Employees from BISM/ The Polakoff Foundation.

 Just because someone is blind, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a sense of humor, can’t hold a job or do everyday tasks by themselves. I assure you, they can with gusto, confidence and a dash of charm.

If you ever want to contribute back to your community or donate to a wonderful foundation please check out The Polakoff Foundation’s website here or BISM’s website here.

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