Faso Foods: How to pair Grashoff chocolate spread with desserts

 Smearing belgian chocolate spreads ( Grashoff) on scrumptious goodies is a growing trend in the  D.C/Maryland/ Virginia area for several foodies. Its for people with highly groomed tastes who know the difference between Nutella and something ten times better.

 Grashoff’s chocolate is the perfect sojourn from day-to-day life since its supple yet smooth chocolate taste tends to linger longer than the average chocolate spread.

Though it’s beyond amazing just to eat on it’s own, there are multiple ways to pair its different blends of: ginger, white chocolate, capuccino, coconut, pistachio, hot chilli, macadamia nut and dark chocolate, into an eclectic array of morsals that are right in your kitchen cabinets.

Grashoff’s chocolate spread pairs well with:

1.) Croissants

2.) As pastry puff fillers

3.) Hot Chocolate ( use strawberry white chocolate)

4.) Cup Cakes ( Turn an average cupcake into a Georgetown one)

5.) Strawberries ( Gentlemans chocolate)

6.) Fudge substitute ( brownies, ice cream, and select candies)

7.) Crepes

8.) Pancakes/ Waffles/ Toast

9.) Pirouettes

10.) Peperidge Farm ( Milanos,  Brussels, Bourdeaux, Tahiti, Chessman, Verona, Sausilito, Soft-batched,  and Classic)

11.) Graeters Ice Cream

12.) Tiramisu

13.) Cheesecake ( especially bland ones, Grashoffs chocolate spread revitilizes it)

14.) Pie ( Apple, coconut, chocolate, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc)

15.) Fruits ( Mangoes, peaches, grapes, apples, kiwi, nectarines, melon, dragonfruit, lychee, orange, etc)

16.) Whoopee Pies ( replace the average filling with Grashoff’s for a classier taste)

17.) Creme Brulee

18.) Carrot Cake

19.) Bread Pudding ( grashoff’s actually make bread pudding edible)

20.) Thumbprint cookies

21.) Pecan Prailines

22.) Lemon bars

23.) Snickerdoodles

24.) Spice Cookies

25.) Frosting replacement ( all cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies)

26.) Moscato ( yes, I know its not a dessert but it’s super sweet wine that tastes yum with chocolate’)

27.) Apple Crisp

28.) Rum Cake

29.) Biscotti

30.) Chocolate lava cake ( replace the lava with Grashoffs)

31.) fruit salad

32.) Angel cake

33.) Bundt cake

34.) Devil food cake

35.) Oreos ( its great to dress up for company)

36.) Cherries Jubilee

37.) Chocolate Truffles

38.) Flan

39.) Tres de Leches

40.) Gelato

41.) Key lime pie

42.) Mascarpone

43.) Meringue

44.) Peach melba

45.) Parfait

46.) Pumpkin Pie ( dark chocolate)

47.) Donuts ( use grashoff’s spread instead of regular frosting for a gourmet touch)

48.) Baklava

49.) Sugar Cookies

50.) Bacon ( For all bacon lovers… Yes.. you can add Grashoff’s to it too)

I hope this exhaustive list helps you pair your 23 blends of Grashoff’s chocolate spreads. If  not, please comment below and suggest your own ways to pair Grashoffs belgian chocolate spread.

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