Birthday coming up? Silly string them into a cocoon

  I’ve been to a multitude of birthday parties and they all start and end the same.

People congregated at a high-end restaurant, a bushel of balloons swish around the birthday person’s chair, and a weak sing-song version of “Happy Birthday” serenades ( or scares away) that same person into making a wish and blowing out x-many candles.

 This idyllic birthday vision may be great to some but to me, needs something else to spice it up.

Why not silly string the hell out of the birthday boy/girl?  It not only surprises them but it also consolidates the gift giving, candle blowing, and food eating festivities into a better package deal.

If you take a good luck at Fahad, you can easily see that he had absolutely no idea what we were all up to.

 Prior to the silly-string-shock, we all gave him delicious presents, sang a poor rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody ( his birthday song), and made reservations for laser tag.

I formulated this awesome idea at Target that day, when I saw three lonely cans of Silly string collect dust by the corner.

 I told my crew that we needed to surround our friend, shoot, and try to chase him around the parking lot for a solid 20 minutes.

  Good times! That’s all I really need to say. Moral of the story is to be  unique when you throw a birthday party, it’s more memorable than singing a poor rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

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