Foot Sauna? Try it, don’t hate on it

  A few days ago, one of my oldest girlfriends, Shanila and I spent the day in  Rockville.

We spent a solid hour at the Original House of Pancakes ( best coconut pancakes I ever had) and simply lounged, gabbed and supplemented our time together with jokes, pictures and colorful stories.

That one hour at the Original House of Pancakes not only fostered our friendship but also generated a new, shared experience for us.  Shanila regularly checks her ‘Groupon Now’ app on her phone and found this singular deal. For only $10, we get a 30 minute foot sauna session at Meridian Foot and Facial spa.

Best pancakes ever! Original Pancake House in Rockville

      Neither of us ever had a foot sauna session before but figure it must relax us somehow? It was a very unique experience and I do recommend it for  anyone who is always on the go and needs to relax.   

At first, we both were perplexed by the overall concept of it but after letting our sore legs rejuvenate in the wooden casket; we felt more at ease.  

 The steam simply sauntered around and enveloped closely with our pores, unleashing enough fury and ache for a month or so.  After our session, we felt fresh, poised and relaxed. 

 Furthermore, the staff at Meridian was beyond hospitable and kind. We were also treated to cups of water for hydration and oodles of candy bars to indulge our sweet tooth.

 Shanila and I agreed from this day forward to always experiment with Groupon Now for not only spa deals but for new adventures.

 Life is short, why not try a foot sauna?

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