Gomez was at 9:30 Club: But did not play my effing song

 Gomez recently came to the 9:30 club, located around U Street in Northwest Washington D.C. For years, I would sedulously try to go see them but something would always come up.

Whether it was fiscal, social or spiritual reasons; I used to make up pretty lame excuses for missing a potentially wonderful show.

Lucky for me, I have an understanding and compassionate boyfriend who wanted me to stop being my own worst enemy.

We positioned our way to the near front, outmanuevering Gen-xers and a minority of millenials.  After waiting for 30 minutes ( impatiently on my part) Gomez came on to a half-crowded audience of plaid-shirt wearers, milfs and sentient undergrads from GW or American U.

In light of the predictable crowd and slow start, I was quite hopeful that Gomez would play my song.  Ironically, it’s the only song I wanted to hear from them and the only reason I wanted to see them– at all.

“We haven’t turned around” is by far the most romantic song i’ve ever heard and it’s beauty is found in the ballad, orchestral strings that bridge this overly long tune into an indie gem.  Predictably, if you are an ardent fan of my blog then you know I am a hardcore fan of Roswell.

Max and Liz had their first kiss to that song, and as a nerdy Roswellian, falsely assumed that shelling out $25 dollars for a Gomez ticket is contingent to hearing ‘We haven’t turned around”.  Though Gomez is a great band and none of their tunes contained any banalities, they failed to play my favorite song. Here’s what they played at their show though:

Gomez Setlist

It’s a great setlist since Gomez is a consummate indie band that conjures singular songs. But it’s not good enough for me since  Gomez song did not play my song. I hope Gomez realizes that some of their fans are nerdy 20-something girls who used to watch a kick-ass show called “Roswell” and who primarily like them for that one song. Click Here

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