Judgmental people: Why you need to stop and chill out

   Okay, we all get a little judgmental at times. Whether we hear an outlandish story and want to point figures or see a grossly large dress hung on a tiny-framed chick, sometimes our negative traits leak out.

Whenever I catch myself from thinking negative thoughts that judge others, I try to reprimand myself. It’s not only a negative trait but imagine someone else judging you the same way. It’s not a pleasant though to have floating in your head. Now is it.

There’s no inexplicable reason for anyone to be this way, and to feel so high and mighty over anyone else. All human beings are flawed, imperfect and beautiful in their own ways. Stop being a judgmental prick and move on.

I recently read this article called ” Are you making judgments..or Being  Judgmental” and was floored with its cogent views on judgmental folk. Here, take a gander:

Judgmental, prejudiced and biased individuals make far-reaching pronouncements based on limited information. We all know such people. Their false and extreme generalizations give them away. “Anyone who uses curse words is obviously stupid and uneducated!” “Rock-and-roll fans don’t know the first thing about music!” “People who don’t regularly attend religious services are heathens!”

Most people realize that being judgmental is an unattractive trait. If you look around, you’ll find that most judgmental people are disliked and avoided. The answer to Mom’s reproach, “Why don’t you call your mother more often?” if truthful would probably be, “Because you’re judgmental and tend to pick on me, so it’s unpleasant to talk to you.” When people stop being judgmental, they often discover a level of personal happiness that had eluded them.” Read the rest here.

Nobody denies that keeping company with judgmental people can be a chore. The assidious finger pointing, intolerant eye glances, and odious views over your own thoughts, feelings and mistakes can make someone feel like a worthless heep of filth.

 No one deserves to feel that way since no one can ever fit the paragon of perfection, especially those who point fingers. It would be great if these people can just saunter off to never-never land and just stay with their own kind of negativity. Too bad real life doesnt work out that way.

Unquestionably, the happiest people I know never point fingers, give dirty stares or cut someone down for being of a different faith. They are happy with themselves, and know that in order to be a loving person, you need to forgive others. A happy person will never pinpoint other people’s flaws or gawk at someone for not knowing right from wrong. A happy person wishes everyone the best and knows that God ( from any religion) is the only one who can judge, not the judgmental.

Indeed,  a confident and happy person contains their unhappy views and looks at the brighter side of life.  Which can explain why they are happy and judgmental people never are, since they need to stop and chill out.

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