Faso Foods: Grashoff chocolate spread tasting social

  Last week, I held an ingenious chocolate spread party for an intimate group of 8 friends.  We paired fruits like kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and mangoes with dark chocolates that contain ginger, chilli and espresso beans.  Pastries like lady fingers, cookies and pudding cake  were also paired with white chocolate spreads that contain coconut, pistachio, and other wordly flavors.

Faso Foods, a prime carrier of Grashoff chocolate spreads, has a wide assortment of Belgian chocolate spreads such as: pistachio, coconut, sicilian blood orange, chilli, strawberry, capuccino, machiatto, espresso bean and the ever-popular, ‘Gentleman’s dark chocolate’.

Many people didn’t know that wines such as moscato,pinot noires, ports and even vanilla ice cream can pair well with Grashoff chocolate spread.  If you didn’t know  about this pairing,   than I hope you know now. It’s the best combination out there since PB&J.

 At this social, we not only  experimented with creating our very own gourmet cupcakes  ( by using Grashoffs chocolate spread as frosting) but we also compared and contrasted different fruits with tartier spreads like sicilian blood orange and ginger.

My good friend Hira, as you can see on the right-hand side, had a great time pairing the Gentleman’s dark chocolate with mangoes, strawberries and kiwis.

As a self-professed vegetarian, he enjoyed gaining vitamin’s A, C and a slew of antioxidants from combining the  Gentleman’s dark chocolate with a cornocopia of fruits.

After this social, he firmly concluded that he’s a great fan of the Gentleman’s dark and ginger;  He also relished how the chocolate fruit tasting paired well with Tropicana’s peach fruit drink.

Jill and Dennis at the gourmet chocolate cupcake frosting table

Granted, not everyone is a fruit lover. Due to foreseeing this, I created a gourmet cupcake frosting section. All I did was buy regular cupcakes from Shoprite and trashed the pedestrian-esque frosting off those bad boys.

 Honestly, everyone thought they were eating gourmet cupcakes that could easily rival local bigwigs like Cakelove. Grashoffs chocolate spreads like pistachio and coconut, induced everyone’s taste buds into a cupcake loving frenzy.


As amazing as this chocolate is, we all met up later  to cleanse our pallets. Tropicana has this great brand of peach fruit juice that refreshed our taste buds, in between tastings.

 Later on, half the party convened and discussed personal favorites. Dennis and Jason ( not pictured) deeply loved the pistachio and cappuccino blends on lady fingers and cupcakes. Hira was a devout fan of the Gentleman’s chocolate and of the ginger, especially if its drizzled on exotic fruits. Brent couldn’t get enough of the sicilian blood orange, and doused that on all of his gourmet cupcakes, fruits, pastries and even had it on its’ own.  The machiatto was superb to  Brian  due to its creamy texture and sweet aftertaste.

 Jason came a few hours later, and decided to be the official ice cream taster. He paired the blood orange, chilli, ginger, and espresso bean with vanilla ice cream and combined the coconut, cappucinno,  and pistachio with the chocolate ice cream. Both rounds of tastings left him with enough conclusive evidence that all those combos he created were too delicious to define.

Undoubtedly, though Grashoff’s has special chocolate blends that have a touch of espresso, machiatto and cappucino tastes to them, we did have some hesitant guests.  Steve has never been a big coffee fan and was hesitant on trying anything coffee related.  Much to our surprise, he not only tried the coffee blend-esque chocolates but promulgated that the capuccino was his personal favorite–out of everything he tried.  Who would’ve thunk it?As hostess, I had the great advantage of trying every single chocolate spread before anyone came over.  My personal favorite was the milk chocolate spread with coconut flakes. It reminded me of “Almond Joy” in a jar, and simply made anything I ate remind me of the islands ( I sure do miss that Carnival cruise).

Overall, the social was a grand success since everyone couldn’t stop smiling ( and hording) the different chocolates that were showcased. If you are interested in purchasing Grashoff’s Chocolate spreads, come to Great Harvest located in Rockville on Fridays .If you say “Sherryn” and or present this blog article, you get %15 off a jar of chocolate.  Hope to see you there!

Remember to request Shelly or Dan for the deal by using my name/ bringing in a printed copy of this blog entry.

Great Harvest Bread Co.
12266 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 770-8544

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