Rita’s Crepes in Bethesda: Little stand, big taste

In the heart of downtown Bethesda, herein lies the fact that several exclusive restaurants are cache’d in the area.  As reputeable as these sit-down locations area, many lack the speed, taste and convenience of Rita’s Crepes.

It’s easy to miss amongst the hustle and bustle of Bethesda life, but to the consummate D.C foodie, hard to miss. In this tiny stand lies the best crepes in the DMV area and sorry Sofie ( in reference to Sofie’s Crepe’s) you sadly pale in comparison to Rita’s crepes.

Rita’s is the only crepes stand that has people from as far away as Virginia or even Tennessee travel long miles just to savor it’s crepes florentine.  Last week, I was fortunate enough to try crepes specially made with Grashoff’s ginger, coconut and pistachio chocolate blends. Boy, was I in for a treat.

The crepes were made in less than 3 minutes, and stocked full of chocolate. The crepe texture was smooth, not too sweet and did not overtake the filling inside. Normally, regular crepes have a strong, sweet aftertaste that tends to override its’ filling. But Rita’s crepes have enough sweetness to taste great without being  a pain in the side.

If you are a fan of good Belgian chocolate crepes, Rita’s Crepes is but one of a few places in the area that actually uses Belgian chocolate spreads ( they have a wide assortment of Grashoff’s chocolate spreads in stock).

After pigging out on some Belgian chocolate crepes, I tried the crepes florentine that they were famous for. I was apprehensive about trying it since i’ve had awkward crepes experiences.  I never liked crepes being overly sweet whenever I ate savory food items. Ironically, Rita’s has common sense when it comes to crafting the perfect savory crepe.

They don’t make their crepes sickingly sweet, and that ameliorated my savory crepe eating experience ten-fold.  The crepes florentine had the right amount of marinera, mozzerela cheese and spinach to catipult my tastebuds senses into a different country–preferably Italy since that’s where I felt I was after eating it.

Aside from the multiple food comas I recently had, Rita’s price range is very affordable, not to mention the service was top-notch. Which is why, as I previously mentioned in this entry, that this particular stand is singular in contrast to its competitors in the area since they not only have excellent food, but the price is actually reasonable and the servers seem to have a heart. It’s thrice the awesome-ness congealed into one, tiny, little stand.

Quite simply, Rita’s Crepes in Bethesda may be a little stand but boy, does it sure pack a big enough taste.

Visit Rita’s Crepes

7250 Woodmont Ave
Bethesda, MD 20816

(703) 598-1489


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