Patisserie Poupon: Best French bakery in all of Georgetown

Last weekend, I was at Patisserie Poupon letting people know more about the best chocolate spread ever ( Grashoff’s belgian chocolate spread). When I was there, I was in complete awe over the cafe’s atmosphere, hospitality and especially over the food. I’ve had french pastries before, but none of it compared to the peach croissant I had at Patisserie Poupon.  It was, literally, a slice of heaven.

The croissant was in the shape of a half star, and there was a hearty smidge of pear cushioned in the middle.  Each bite, was a buttery, flaky food explosion in my mouth. I’ve never had a croissant taste this good before.

In addendum to the croissant, I was fortunate enough to try a fresh cup of coffee from their cafe. It was a small cafe viennes and it had a smooth, yet nutty taste. Normally, most cups of coffee would give off a burnt after-taste but not this cup. It was velvety smooth in and out.

Nonetheless, this was the best french cafe’ experience I ever had.  Even the atmosphere gave off this parisian air.  After digging into the cafe’s history, I found out that the owner is actually from France and that even the baked goods showcased at the bakery are authentic.

 I used to think that you would need to spend thousands of dollars to get a plane ticket and to travel en route to France, to get the authentic ‘French cafe experience’.

Well, if you drive down to Georgetown you can get the experience near your home. Who knew?

Aside from the lovely cup of coffee and the croissant, I wanted to get a richer food experience. So I decided to call up my friend Vanna Conyers ( another consummate D.C foodie) and we paired the brioche, raisin brioche,  bridget bread, and decadent macaroons on it’s own and with Grashoff’s chilli, coconut chocolate spread.

Vanna loved the bridget bread with raisins and was surprised that raisins can actually taste good. She hates raisins but Patisserie Poupon was so adept at making tasty enough raisin brioche for all people, even raisin haters. I loved the bridget bread since it was dence, flaky and had a cakey-sweet vibe. It was great on its own and especially with the coconut chocolate spread.

I’ve never had macaroons before but was pleasantly surprised by the candy-cakey-yet-crunchy-soft texture. Vanna told me that the macaroons she’s had in the past never had this kind of taste before, they were normally very hard and overly sweet. Patisserie Poupon weilded this perfect concoction  by balancing enough sweet and crunch with every macaroon. Now,  how do they do that?

I’ve been to alot of bakeries in my short life, but none compare to Patisserie Poupon. Not only does the food exceed every expectation, but the staff there ensures that you are happy with what you got. Not to mention, it does look like an authentic french bakery inside and it’s located in the heart of Georgetown. Going to Patisserie Poupon would be a win-win situation for you if you are looking for the perfect place to get gourmet coffee and pastries.

Moreover, if you plan on getting married they are widely known for making the best cakes in the DMV area too. Please check them out and comment below here about your experiences at the best french bakery in all of Georgetown.

                                                                                                      Patisserie Poupon

1645 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC
(202) 342-3248

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