Cork and Fork: D.C Radio personalities love wine + Grashoff’s chocolate spreads!

  Last weekend, I was at Cork & Fork in Bethesda holding a Grashoff’s chocolate spread and wine tasting for Bethesda-ites. The store was husting and bustling with nouvou and or consummate wine-os. If you don’t know what a wine-o is than you probably aren’t one.

Rieslings, cabernets and fine ports were paired with milk, ginger, chilli, blood orange and strawberry chocolate spreads. Different pairings exuded varying floral, fruit, and earthy aromas. Overall,  the ambience was jovial and hearty amongst wine ( and non-wine) enthusiasts.

Chocolate enthusiasts had a field day sampling different milk, dark and white chocolate blends. Many were amazed over how each, tiny, bottle could pack a strong yet addictive taste.  Even some had a cloying attachment to the milk hazelnut blend since it reminded them of Nutella. 

People who originally came for wine, left with ample supplies of chocolate. I mean, it would be a shame to seperate wine from it’s best friend– Grashoff’s chocolate spreads.

Eventually the crowd waned down, and it gave some a chance to enjoy Cork and Fork in its own reverie. If you’ve never been to the one in Bethesda than it’s surely your loss. Cork and Fork has hard to find wines arranged in a palatial way. If you stop and stare, you feel like you are in a completely different country– France.

Cork and Fork in Bethesda is highly reputable for its eclectic selection and for having one of the bestest sommeliers in the DMV area.  Stop by when you are in the heart of Bethesda and also remember to check out Grashoff’s fine Belgian chocolate selection.

Subsequently, Bailey from D.C 101 and Kruz from 99.5 stopped by. Both stood firmly by the chocolate stand and exchanged witty banter about what Grashoff’s chocolate should really go on. 

I didn’t know who they both were initially, until Bailey kept throwing in quip after quip. Whenever I listen to D.C 101, Bailey would often make me laugh and she had this unique sense of humor that stands out from other radio dj’s from the station.

Most of my friends are heavy in Hot 99.5 and are big fans of Kruz. Kruz is known for playing hot tunes late at night and tends to be on for a good while.

After I confronted them both, I was overjoyed. I heart radio!

Baily loved the sicilian blood orange and Kruz was heavily into the dark chocolate spreads. Initially, both came in to get some wine. Later on,  but  came out with two bottles of Grashoff’s chocolate in hand. They were going out for Mexican but wanted to sample dessert first, with Grashoff’s chocolate.

I was in for a treat since I am big fans of theirs, and they were in for a treat since Grashoff’s chocolate was beyond addictive for them.  It was an altruistic experience!

Towards the end, they bid adieu. Leaving behind a star-struck fan yet armed with enough chocolate to entice any at multiple social gatherings.

If you ever want to get high-end wine and learn more about pairing it with gourmet Belgian chocolate, please visit Cork & Fork in Bethesda!

Cork and Fork

7110 Bethesda Lane

  Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 841-7204


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