Sleighbells at 9:30 Club: One, long, song

 A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to snag tickets to see indie-electronic fave ‘Sleighbells’ perform at the 9:30 club in Washington D.C.

I’ve always been a lukewarm fan of the band, ever since i’ve heard them on Pandora.  If you don’t know who they are, then I guess you are not hip enough to fit into the D.C indie rock scene.

 And I am saying this sarcastically– anyone who claims to love indie must know this uber awesome band.

Sleighbells came to fame around 2009, and are headed by Derek E. Miller ( guitar) and Allison Krauss ( vocals). The band is known for acclaimed hits like : Meds and Feds, Rill Rill, Tell em’, Treats, Kids, Touch of Eva, Comeback Kid and End of the line.

I saw Sleighbells with my boyfriend and two of his friends. Besides us opting to miss the intro band, that put all of us in a bind since we had a rough time find a decent place to stand. Because of this, we headed to the balconies.

No matter how many fixtures the 9:30 club will ever have, it can’t cure a short person of being vertically challenged. So I tried my best to tippy toe and see whatever was possible.

Atleast we were able to see the show ( I tried to repeatedly think, though I couldn’t see anything ). I was advised to wear earplugs since Sleighbells was known for having an extravagant cornocopia of sounds, blare from all ends of any venue. I’m normally not a fan of earplugs since it makes my ears feel paranoid that it will never hear again. Poor ears.

Meanwhile, Sleighbell’s Allison Krause was bleeping, and blooping and humming random tunes. I prepped extra hard for this show by listening to all of her top hits in the care but, alas, those efforts were futile.  It all sounded like one, long song.

Logically, each song has minor differences that can differentiate it from the last song but I couldn’t really  tell the difference. It was pretty much like hearing one song for 45 minutes, but with minor breaks in between. I’ve never had a concert experience like this before, and I don’t know if  it’s something I want to repeat in the future.

If you are an avid fan of my blog than you must have read previous blog entries that were full of light-hearted promotions. I hate to break it to you, but I know how to discern what’s awesome and what’s mundane. I’m not always going to write positive reviews about EVERYTHING that’s food, pop culture or even musically-related. 

The only positive aspect from the show was that Allison Krause had my haircut. She literally had my side bangs, and long, layered black hair-do.  When it came to hairstyle, she gets brownie points from me. Other than that, Meh!

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