Great Harvest Bakery: Cutest bunny-shaped-bread ever!


  I was at Great Harvest, in Rockville, a few weeks ago and saw the cutest thing ever. Bread shaped like an Easter bunny.

If you come to Great Harvest today, 12266 Rockville Pike  Rockville, MD 20852, you will be able to purchase your own bread-y bunny.

Great Harvest also  sells Easter baskets, holiday breads and scrumptious desserts.

Moreover, it takes a truly adept baker to bake something as complex as a resting bunny. I mean, how do they do it?

How do the bakers keep the bunny’s body intact without its limbs melding together? If you come in this weekend, between the hours of 9 a.m to 4 pm, you can get an answer to this enigmatic question.

Also, you will be able  to get multiple discounts on several delish treats as well ( like getting  a dollar of Grashoff’s chocolate spread)!

                            Great Harvest Bakery: 12266 Rockville Pike,  Rockville, MD 20852

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